Cigar Commentary: World Record Cigars

Just had a big meal? Would you like a hefty smoke to go with that? Well, don’t ask Cuban cigar roller Jose Castelar Cueto to make one for you. Why? Because it’ll take weeks and will probably be a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Jose eclipsed his last entry by a few meters with an entry of a 45 meter long cigar!

It is the longest cigar made in Cuba that was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. This cigar is unsmokable – unlike this behemoth by George Rico of Gran Habano, which apparently is smokable.

Cueto has spent 50-60 hours a week over several weeks to make this giant cigar. Cueto says, “[f]or me, personally, this is an honor as I represent Cuban.” At 65 years old, Cueto has rolled cigars for over 50 years, with humble beginnings as a young 15 year-old apprentice.

Now in Cueto plans is to make cigar that will have length of Havana’s avenue Maleon that is 7 kilometers long (1). Yeah, I can see it now – I’d sound like a total jack ass ordering that cigar. It would probably go something like this, “Hey can I get that four by 64 cigar, no not the four-inch one, the four mile one. Thanks.”