News: Park & Beaches Smoking Ban in NYC Passes


As the Cigar Rights of America is in Albany doing battle on a flavored tobacco ban and trying to negotiate a cap on the tobacco tax word came out today that the New York City Council is expected to pass a ban on outdoor smoking.

According to the New York Post city lawmakers are ready to ban smoking in over 1,700 parks and 14 miles of public beaches in a vote today, February 2, 2011. This comes after the ban of smoking in bars and restaurants that was put in place back in 2002.

Backers of the ban say that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can pose health risks while many smokers say the law would infringe on their rights.

This ban comes hot on the heels of a similar law passed in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Update: The law has passed and will take effect 90 days after Mayor Bloomberg signs the bill.  City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she was “very glad” that New York was becoming “a public health city.” She added, “All New Yorkers will be able to enjoy a walk in the park or a day at the beach without having to inhale secondhand smoke,”

Update: The measure passed with a shocking 3:1 vote. The finally tally was 36-12.

I do not know when she decided she spoke for me, as I will not be able to enjoy what my tax dollars help pay for.

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  • Lenny Waller

    Mayor Bloombergs Smoking ban for public Beaches, Parks, Marinas, & Sitting Plazas was pushed in the City Council for a Vote, & Passed Yesterday. On Oct 14,. 2010 I and many others testified at the Hearings regarding this bill. We were Promised more public hearings before the proposal would come to a vote.
    While many of us were distracted over the snow, & other matters Bloomberg & Christine Quinn pushed the bill in to the City Council for a vote. Yes it was passed by Bloomberg & his cronies. This is way over the top. It is another step in Bloombergs push toward a Nanny Government. There already was a law in place banning smoking in playgrounds.
    The law will take effect 90 days after Bloomberg signs it.
    Who is going to enforce it. The Police are busy enough with real crime. The board of Health is behind their schedules. Is he going to use the Parks Police. Which are a limited number & the unfortunate person will be summoned. Or maybe Traffic agents?
    What will Bloomberg Push next? No smoking on NYC Streets? This is a Very slippery & dangerous slope for all.
    Most important SMOKERS are Tax Paying Citizens Too! Are rights are being taken away by a Lame Duck Mayor Who is vindictive, & Power Hungry. Mayor Bloomberg is no different then Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, or any other dictator.
    I urge you to contact the Mayor, & the Press & tell them that this law is not good & the Mayor should Not Sign it. Tobacco is still a legal product in our country.
    Lenny Waller a 60 year old Cigar Smoker who lives in NYC.

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