New Site:

I became friendly with Jay Luto a while back through Twitter to the point where I have gone to some events in Jersey to hang out with JerseyJay from time to time. He always had a camera in hand and it was obvious he was more then just a hobbyist. At a recent event for Miami Cigar Company. He told me about his forthcoming website of cigar photography that was due to launch. Well that time has come, and this is truly an excellent site of some great photo work.

According to his website, “The blog is a platform to share his two passions, hobbies, healthy addictions – cigar smoking and photography. He has been a cigar smoker for a few years and enjoys a variety of brands. He doesn’t blindly subscribe to specific manufacturer(s) and enjoys all products as long as they deliver what he finds to be important – flavor, aroma, and construction.

In reference to photography, He brings a style that combines the visual impact of fine art photography with photojournalism.He has been a freelance photographer for 15+ years, working with various newspapers and contributing toward global magazine press. His creative past as a painter and mix media artist gives him the ability to create unique, exclusive and irreplaceable craft.  He strives to capture “that” spontaneous moment which would show character, inner depth and uniqueness.”

Check out his site today,