My Father “S” Special – Cigar Review

A few months back at an event in De La Concha I was hanging out with many cigar all-stars when I asked Jose Ortega what the S cigar was, and he explained it was a cigar given out with the purchase of cigars from My Father. Since it was a joint event that day with Miami Cigar & Company I took advantage of deals on the La Sirena and La Aurora 107 so I missed out on getting an S. Those who know me, know I will almost never ask for a cigar directly but I asked Jose if he had any extra around and sadly he did not. He informed me some of the My Father staff would be joining us at Cigar Inn later and he would try to get me one.

But it doesn’t really stop there, as a bass player in the cigar industry managed to secure me one at the event through a covert operation. Later on at Cigar Inn, Jose came through and hooked me up with a couple of more and Lindsay Heller a few days later managed to give me a few more. This is why I never ask for cigars, sooner or later they come in bunches. But every now and then, the urge to become a cigar weasel shows it’s ugly head.

Not much is really known on the My Father Special other then the fact that you get it at events, and it is based on the Centurion blend which is obvious due to the similarities in the band.

Cigar: My Father “S” Special
Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Cigars Smoked For Review: 4

My Father "S" Special

My Father "S" Special

Appearance and Construction: The wrapper of the cigar, which I will venture to guess is Habano has a little bit of oils visible and a couple of veins that stand out, slightly. The cigar is exquisitely rolled in typical Pepin fashion with a gorgeous triple cap. The cigar is slightly off balance with more weight at the foot which is well packed with a nice bunching. The colorful band stands out and reminds one of the Centurion as it is virtually identical except for the S.

Flavor & Notes: Before I clipped the cap of the cigar I got lost in the foot with its roasted nut aroma that was heavenly. The cold draw of the cigar has more notes of nuts and a slight earth like component to it as well. Once the cigar is lit, there is that classic Pepin pepper for the first 1/4 inch or so before it slowly fades. As we continue the first third the cigar reminds me of brown sugar, nuts, and earth. There is some major complexity going on here and trying to pick up everything is difficult to say the least. The 2nd third of the cigar has some faint cinnamon notes joining in notes of roasted nuts, The final third of the cigar continues to be much of the same, with subtle spices, roasted nuts, and earth.

Smoking Characteristics: A heavenly cigar in every sense of the word. The My Father Special has a razor sharp burn line with a solid light color ash that holds on very well. The draw was perfect for the first third and slightly loose during the last third. There was a nice volume of smoke with a nice nutty aroma filled the air.

Conclusion: I tried to get some of the blend information for this cigar, but I struck out. My guess is there is some Criollo tobacco in the mix. I base that on the fact that this is incredibly similar to the Centurion line. The only difference is that the “S” isn’t quite as smooth. While it wasn’t ruled out that this would become a regular release it doesn’t seem likely and that is a shame. The My Father Special is an amazing cigar, and if you can get some at an event I suggest you do.

Rating: 92
Price: Only available at events as a gift with purchase.

Disclaimer: I didn’t pay for any of these cigars, as they were all gifted from various sources.