Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Super Gordo – Cigar Review

When I first heard that My Father Cigars planned to release a new cigar in this massive jaw-breaking size I rolled my eyes. To be truthful, I dreaded having to smoke it for review. I am not a fan of big ring cigars except for a few here and there. Well, this past weekend my friend Danny from Tobacco Plaza told me that they got these in stock and that they were great. Typical salesman, right? Well, like me Danny prefers cigars with a thinner ring gauge, and we have become friends so there is no reason to lie to me about how good or bad a cigar is. He knows, that if they get them first I will drive out to his shop. Well, as luck would have it he seems to get everything first.

So despite dreading smoking this size, I am to say the least curious. Are they as good as Danny says or will my jaw hurt from the size. Thankfully, the cigar is made with in a belicoso tip/cap.

Cigar: Jaime Garcia Super Gordo
Size: 5.75 x 66
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium/Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

Jaime Garcia Super Gordo

Jaime Garcia Super Gordo

Appearance and Construction: Looking at this cigar the size just makes you scratch your head. Thankfully, the cigar is rolled into a belicoso shape so it will make it a bit easier to smoke. One thing that caught me off guard is the fact that the tip is pre-cut. I am not really sure to the thought process of this, but I wound up cutting it about another 1/8th of an inch. The Connecticut Broadleaf Jaime Garcia Super Gordo wrapper has some veins, but none that are really obscene. Upon close look of the wrapper there are some shade differentials but does that really mean anything? Despite the amount of tobacco used in this stick, it feels relatively light in the hand and is extremely well balanced in the hand. There are no soft spots and the cigar is rolled very well.

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar has some of the most powerful notes to the nose I have ever experienced. With the slightest sniff notes of mocha fill the passages with a faint pepper that makes my nose twitch. The draw offers up some more of the mocha with a touch of caramel and cedar as well. Once the cigar is lit the spices are the focal point, but they do not overpower. As we work our way into the first third the cigar develops notes of leather and cocoa with some subtle spices.  The second third of the cigar becomes reliant on the pepper there are some notes of leather while some sweetness tries to hold on. The 2nd third of the cigar seems to have fizzled slightly, and doesn’t have the same richness as in the beginning. As we approach the final third of the cigar it becomes smooth unlike the first two thirds. Suggesting the cigars are still a little young and need time to consummate the marriage. Here the sweetness returns and the cocoa becomes more of a rich chocolate with some subtle caramel and leather notes while spices remain through the nose.

Smoking Characteristics: Like the cigar there was two tales going on in the burn process. On both my review sticks the burn line was incredibly crisp in the first third before become very jagged in the second third. I never bothered to touch up the cigar and in the final third it became razor sharp again. The same can be said about the ash, the first and final third had a smooth flake free ash, while the middle section was incredibly flaky. The draw was perfect when I clipped the additional 1/8th of a inch of the cigar. To no surprise, the cigar produced a wonderful volume of smoke with a nice aroma that filled the air.

Conclusion: Where do I begin. First off, both samples came from the same box. I try to buy samples from separate boxes, or separate stores but that was not an option here. Tobacco Plaza sold out of these by the time I got to the store, and Danny was nice enough to give me two from his personal box. When I smoke I like to keep the cigar resting between my lips drawing as needed. Much like a pipe smoker. With the size of the Super Gordo this was hard to do. I found myself biting the belicoso cap to keep it in my mouth and it became extremely wet in my first sample. So the second sample, the one used to write this review was smoked a little bit different then I am accustomed. Finally, the size. While the cigar was flavorful and enjoyable I was not comfortable at all with the massive ring gauge and being they already have a 60 ring gauge on the market I am not sure why they went this route. But then again, I am not the expert the Garcia family is. I am sure the size will sell well, but for me personally it left me a little less fulfilled then other vitolas in the line.

Rating: 87
Price: $8.50 a stick at Uptown Cigar (1-877-238-1172)

Disclaimer: None.