Amazing Arizona Man: A Cigar Keeps him Alive

Ever wonder what you should do if you accidentally shoot yourself? Well, if look at elderly military veterans in Arizona for hints, you might just find yourself lighting up a cigar.


In Goodyear Arizona, an 82-year-old former military man accidentally shot his leg. And while calmly waiting for medical help, I guess he got bored because he proceeded to light up a cigar.


According to the news article:


The Goodyear resident just moved into the neighborhood near Van Buren Street and Estrella Parkway a couple days ago and was moving things from his pick-up truck into his garage, said spokesman Darryl Rivers with the Goodyear Police Department.


He had his .22 caliber colt revolver holstered on his hip at the time, Rivers said.


When moving items in the driveway, the firearm fell from the holster and struck the man in his right leg around 4:30 p.m., Rivers said.


The man then walked into his home, grabbed a T-shirt, wrapped the wound, went back into the garage, lit up a cigar, and sat down, Rivers said. [Then he] called 911 and reported his injuries.


Wow, what a champ. He certainly did the right thing – who knows how long the ambulance would take.