La Aurora Trip 2011 Edition, Day 3

The final full day began like any other, with an early wake up call to enjoy the view of Santiago. As a person who has lived in the City of New York for 42 years, having one of these rare moments to enjoy some quiet needs to be taken advantage of. I took the time to explore the grounds of the hotel with my camera and enjoy a cigar. As I did a sense of sadness came over me, that I was soon going to leave and that the time spent with friends was coming to a close. With split departure times, the first one being at 6am this was the last full day together.


The road to Camp David, this is where we stayed during out trip. It was about 7:20am when I took this photo. The building is the restaurant portion of the hotel.

The hotel portion of Camp David.

The one major change from 2010 was the rooms at Camp David which went through a major overhaul. No flying ants to contend with time around!

On the grounds of Camp David, I found myself whistling "Suicide is Painless" better known as the theme from M*A*S*H.


With a slightly delayed start due to some people waking up a little bit late from the night before we made our way to Costambar, a semi-private beach on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. What followed was some innocent fun and a practical joke to our friends following on various social media sites.

As we entered the beach, I personally thought this must be a little bit of what heaven must be like, and for some of us the closest we may come. The air was as clean is it comes, and the ocean a shade of blue this New Yorker has never seen before. Some of us took the time to walk into the water which was amazingly warm and had to be in the mid 70s. One great item of note is that many of the locals at the beach make Costambar their winter home speak English. So talking was a breeze. We met some people from Canada, some played volleyball and we took the time to enjoy ourselves.

That is until some local Dominican girls showed up at the beach, once of which had 3 tattoos. My weakness in life is girls with tattoos and/or funky color hair. If you know the site Suicide Girls, this is my preference. Back in the day I used to run an adult website that featured girls that fit this bill, and my ex was of the same mold. Anyway, one thing led to another and I became enamored with Yulie. So why the guys were filming commercial style spots with Cigar Explorer, I began to “talk” and fool around some with the Senorita. I even incorporated her into a spot filmed for the “La Aurora 1495” that I will post here (maybe) when it becomes available.

As I continued to spend some time with the young lady, plans were put into works by our host to have us married. I will admit, I got carried away with the girl, but I have no regrets. We all had a great time, and when the Justice of the Peace arrived the “ceremony” was held. I won’t try to write about it, but I will say Doc from did a great job reporting the events of the day.


Costambar, a slight of heaven in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Definitely, a slice of heaven on earth.

"Doc" from had the right idea of sparking one up in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Yulie, the lovely lady who took part in my faux wedding with Gary, who won the trip in a Dominoes tournament at Sabor Havana in Miami.

Amaury Abreu, from La Aurora Cigars takes the time to enjoy a La Aurora Preferido with Brian Hewitt of in the background

"Doc" enjoys some lobster that we dined on while at Costambar. Does it get any better?

After we feasted like kings, the whole gang headed back on the hour drive to Santiago where we would be treated with a surprise visit to Guillermo Leon’s house. As luck would have it, it was on the night that the moon was the closest to Earth in years which made for a truly amazing backdrop. There was a rumor that Guillermo made a phone call to arrange this, but that has yet to be confirmed. As has become custom with the blogger trips to the Dominican Republic, we ended the night with some karaoke. I actually took part in this unlike last year by butchering New York, New York complete with a John Sterling impersonation. But the real stars of the show were David from Tiki Bar and our host.


A Full Moon over Santiago... The day's events all seem to make sense now...Photo courtesy of Ben from Nice Tight Ash with an assist to Mario from Cigar Explorer.

Our gracious host Guillermo Leon takes the time to talk with Anthony who also won his trip in a Dominoes tournament at Sabor Havana in Miami, as Jason Wood of Miami Cigar & Company looks on.

Guillermo Leon & Jose Manuel perform with their backup dancers.


A day none of us will ever forget, as good times and laughs were had by all in attendance. Despite any controversy my fake wedding might have caused, I look back on it with no regrets. No matter how you choose to label us be it, hobbyists or media at the end of the day we are all brothers of the leaf taking part in what we love the most, fine cigars. We do what we do out of love and devotion to an industry we care a lot about.

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