Sunday Links

After a brief hiatus last weekend as we began our journey home from the Dominican Republic we are back with the Sunday Links. This whole week I found myself daydreaming of good times that were had and new friendships that were made. I went from 85 degrees and sunny to 35 degrees and raw. April is right around the corner and the best day of the year happened while I was out of town. I can’t wait for spring to fully hit it’s stride.

As we get closer to IPCPR some things are being discussed and travel arrangements are being made. So far I am looking forward to the new lines from Tatuaje the most with the La Aurora 107 Maduro a close second. Also very curious about the cigar coming out from Jon Huber the former director of lifestyles and marketing for CAO. The Crowned Heads should be a winner based on Jons connections in the industry.

The Sunday Links:

  • Casas Fumando lights up a Culivari Seleccion Privada, something that is new to me!
  • Keepers of the Flame smokes a La Gloria Cubana Serie N in honor of Serie N day which was Friday.
  • Toasted Foot smokes the Jameson Screamin Eagle.