Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15 – Cigar Review

When opposites collide is the best way to sum up the meeting of Smoke Inn & Padron. In one corner stands Abe “MING” Dababneh who learned the power of social media and bloggers with the release of the Tatuaje Anarchy. In the other corner stands Padron , who has yet to embrace the power of bloggers and social media while continuing to rely on out-dated print publications thato are no longer in touch with today’s smoker. Perhaps this is why Padron went from being my benchmark cigar to getting lost on the shelves of my local tobacconists. Out of site, out of mind.

According to the press release sent out by Abe, “In commemoration of our 15th Anniversary this year, we commissioned the Padron Family to make a special size exclusively for our stores. Jorge Padron’s face lit up when we told him our idea of a 6×60 Anniversary Cigar. What’s better than a Padron Anniversary Cigar, A BIGGER Padron Anniversary Cigar! This monster stick bellows smoke like a chimney. The sheer amount of tobacco used in this cigar creates a bold experience differing from the other vitolas in this line. All tobacco used in this limited production series is aged for four years, creating a smooth and complex flavor. There was less than 500 boxes produced of this limited edition, so don’t waste a second and get a part of cigar history today! ”

The samples we got in the mail from Smoke Inn have been aging since the dinner they hosted at Rachel’s steak house on February 4th, 2011 and are prime for smoking! While the cigars aren’t set to be shipped til April 18th you can pre-order them now.

Cigar: Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15
Size: 6 x 60
Wrapper: Natural
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Appearance and Construction: A classic looking Padron 1964 with its dual bands to prevent counterfeiting that definitely looks strange in its 6 x 60 format, in a good way. The wrapper has some thin/fine veins throughout and is rolled to perfection. The 6 x 60 SI-15 isn’t as box pressed compared to others in the 64 series, in fact this cigar just has a slight box press to it. There are no soft spots and there is a nice hefty weight to the cigar in the hand.

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

The foot of the Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Flavor & Notes: It’s been a long time since I smoked a Padron and once I clipped the cap I was treated to a pre-light draw of earth, cedar and nuts. The foot of the cigar served up a slight spice and some tobacco notes to the nose.  Just going through the ritual had me looking forward to smoke this beauty despite the size. Once lit the first third offered up some cocoa, coffee and earth. I was caught off guard that the cigar had a rough edge to it, but thankfully in the 2nd third it became that wonderfully rich and smooth cigar that Padron is known for. The 2nd third had a slight sweetness to it, which reminded me of cherries with some continued coffee and cocoa notes. As we entered the final third of the Padron exclusive for Smoke Inn the notes were earth, nuts and coffee with a medium to long finish. Overall, a well-balanced cigar with some complexity to it.

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Smoking the first third of the Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Smoking Characteristics: I decided to smoke this one indoors which might not have been a good thing as it produced such a thick, rich smoke I wound up setting my smoke alarm off which is a first for anytime I have smoked indoors. The burn was a bit uneven, but never out of hand. I really noticed the ultra thin carbon line as the wrapper burned revealing a light color ash that was somewhat firm. The smoke offered a nice nutty aroma as well.

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Smoking the second third of the Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Conclusion: I’ve really been slow in accepting the 60 ring madness that has gripped the cigar industry like Sgt Slaughters Cobra Clutch, but they are growing on me. Especially when a cigar like this comes on the market that maintains its rich flavors and complexity while remaining smooth for the most part. For now these are only available from Smoke Inn, but Jackie who runs another cigar shop in Florida, tweeted that they should be available to other tobacconists sometime in May. After I posted this, I got to speak to Abe from Smoke Inn. He managed to speak with Jorge Padron at TAA and he was told these were exclusive to Smoke Inn and there was no plans to release them in this size on a national level.

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Smoking the final third of the Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15

Rating: 92
Price: $18.50 From Smoke Inn