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Don Diego Fuerte – Cigar Review


the new Don Diego Fuerte by Omar Ortez certainly packs a wallop. About as subtle as a heavyweight boxer, the Don Diego Fuerte is highlighted by a select Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper surrounding a superb Nicaraguan binder and powerful blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos. For almost 50 years, Don Diego has been synonymous with high-quality mild- to medium-bodied cigars, but the new Fuerte, created in Nicaragua by cigar master Omar Ortez, is the brand’s first venture into robust, fuller-bodied smokes.”

4/29 Para Japon Release Party

Para Japón Virtual Release Party

On April 29 (Fri), 2011 at, with special guest Guillermo Leon, President of La Aurora and Miami Cigar & Co., La Aurora US exclusive distributor, will host a virtual release party for the La Aurora benefit for Japan cigar “Para Japón”.

Date & Time: April 29 (Fri), 2011 from 7PM
Live Location: in Miami Cigar & Co. Headquarter
Streaming via:
You can communicate@: Ustream Chat, Twitter, Facebook

Video: Nestor Miranda Day May 6th

This morning many members of the blogosphere got a copy of this video with a request to share it with our readers. For those who do not know yet, May 6th 2011 is Nestor Miranda Day where many tobacconists around the country will be taking part. Patrons of participating shops will receive a free Nestor Miranda Art Deco cigar.

Video after the jump…

J. Fuego Sangre de Toro – Cigar Review


I am a slacker, or at least I feel like one. I got these samples in the mail a month ago, if not more and they wound up buried in the list of cigars I need to review. So first off let me say Thank you to J. Fuego for sending me these sticks. Secondly, I am sorry it took so long to get to them.

Sangre de Toro which translates to Bull’s Blood sounds to me as if they trump Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood. The cigars will retail from $5.75 to $6.95 before local taxes and will come in Corona (5 1/2 ×46); Robusto (4 7/8 x 49),; Toro (6 ×50) and Belicoso (5 1/2 x 52).

The question remains, are these cigars a #winning experience?

Pedro Martin Cigars via Maria Martin

IPCPR_Ad (1)

Pedro Martin was a great cigar blender. In addition being a founder of the excellent Tabacalera Tropical (now known as Agricola Norteña S.A. or ‘Aganorsa’ for short), he gave Don Pepin Garcia his first gig in the tobacco industry after Pepin left Cuba. Unfortunately, Pedro Martin passed away last year, but there’s good news: his legacy lives on through his daughter, Maria Martin and her new brand of cigars: Pedro Martin Cigars.

Tatuaje Tattoo – Cigar Review


People often ask me what does Tatuaje mean when I recommend the cigars, and I always inform them it means Tattoo. In fact in my circle of friends some call Tatuaje, “Tattoo” because it is easier to pronounce and remember. Pete Johnson the man behind the brand is covered in Tattoos so the name is a perfect fit. As a fan of Pete Johnson the person and the cigar brand Tatuaje I was happy to see a cigar released called “Tattoo” for whatever the reason may be.

The Tattoo is slated to be released yearly in a new size each and every time. The first release limited to 5100 cigars and is a box pressed lancero.

News: Details of the Tatuaje Avion Emerge


Pete Johnson, owner of Tatuaje who labels himself a lifestyle brand designer recently changed his twitter icon to allow us a sneak peek at the new Avion band.

The cigar was originally rumored to be a limited edition but according to Pete, The Avion will be a regular production available in one size, a 6 3/4 x 48/52 box pressed perfecto. He went on to add, the cigar is called simply 11, for the year of the release. The box will state, 20 – 11′s (count/name) and the MSRP is expected to be $9.50/$10.00.

A larger, click-able version of the band after the jump…

Easter Sunday Links


Easter Sunday is a day to reflect on religion, enjoy time spent with friends and family as well as smoking a cigar if you are lucky enough to get one in. For me this takes on a whole new meaning as I converted to the Catholic religion many years ago. Growing up in a Jewish family that was relaxed in its beliefs I went to Hebrew school to learn about the religion and to have a Bar Mitzvah. However, that was a path I never wound up going down. Perhaps it was due to an abusive teacher or the language but I asked to not go through with it and my parents reluctantly agreed…

Emilio AF1 – Cigar Review


According to the Emilio Cigar website, “the cigars are produced in Esteli, Nicaragua and named in honor of our friend A.J. Fernandez, blender and manufacturer. Two years in the making, the cigars are loaded with flavor from the Nicaraguan tobaccos of the filler, and clothed with a slow fermented maduro wrapper, dark and rich with spice and sweetness. Available in shelf-friendly cabinet boxes of 20 in four sizes: Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, and the massive BMF, a 6×58 powerhouse.”

I got these from a friend while hanging out recently and I was extremely hesitant to smoke them. A lot of cigars that were new to me have disappointed over the last few months and have left me jaded. Would this cigar buck the trend or continue down that same path?

Oliva Grand Maduro – Cigar Review


One of the cigar shops I spend a lot of time at is Cigar Inn, located on 2nd avenue between 53rd and 54th Street in New York City. Not only are the 3 brothers that own it great people, but so is the eclectic mix of people who hang out there on a regular basis. The store has a high volume of customers and they tend to order a lot of items. Because of this sometimes, they have to store boxes in their warehouse where they become lost over time only to be found again. Recently they uncovered some original Tony Bahia Gold cigars which I sadly, missed out on. Then a few weeks later they uncovered today’s cigar which I pounced on.

Cigar Event Recap: Homage to Cotton Club


Cigars and a Prohibition-style speakeasy party – that’s what I’m all about. I went to this awesome party over the weekend, where it truly felt like a blast from the past. It was called, “Homage to the Cotton Club” and let me tell you, it was ridiculous. With torrential rains outside, it was such a relief to be greeted with custom cocktails, live big-band music, and best of all, gorgeous young women smoking fine luxury cigars.

Tatuaje La Casita Criolla – Cigar Review


Those who love to collect cars for road racing will all tell you about American muscle cars. Cars like the Challenger, Charger, Ford Mustang, Shelby Mustang and the Ford Cobra. Never has someone talked about an American Puro as a collectible cigar. in fact I am not sure if anyone has ever created an American Puro. According to Pete, the American Puro has existed for years.

La Casita Criolla which translate to “The Creole Cottage” is made up of 100% Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. This can cause some confusion which Pete cleared up some via his Facebook page some months ago.

Press Release: Two Guys Smoke Shop 26th Anniversary

Two Guys Smoke Shop

Salem NH (April 18, 2011) – Two Guys Smoke Shop of Salem, Nashua, and Seabrook, New Hampshire will be celebrating its 26th Anniversary on September 21, by giving away a classic automobile, a 1936 Cadillac Fleetwood.

Two Guys, a popular New England Cigar Shop has not only become known for its great retail cigar shops but also for its elaborate anniversary events which have included everything from giving away motorcycles, a Hummer H2 automobile, elaborate trips and cash. They’ve hosted game show presentations and put together a mixed martial arts event. They even gave away a tanker truck of 10,000 gallons of gasoline during the gas crunch and just last year they gave away 250 minted pure silver bars and an authentic Rolls Royce Silver Spur automobile for their “silver” anniversary.

News: Jim Belushi Celebrates With Cigars!

Born Yesterday Promotional Poster

1946 was an era where men still wore suits to the ballpark, strolled the streets wearing a fedora, held open a door for the ladies and most of the time all while having a cigar in their mouth. The original Born Yesteday debuted that year, when the average cost of a new house was $5,600, gasoline was 15cents, and Alaska suffered a 7.4 magnitude earthquake that caused 60 foot tsunami waves in Hawaii. 1946 also saw the introduction of the car phone and a patent was issued for the microwave oven. The first bikini made it’s debut in Paris, Cannes Film Festival began, as did the musical careers of Dean Martin, B.B. King and Bill Haley.

Viaje Skull & Bones WMD – Cigar Review


I try to keep and open mind when reviewing cigars that do not fit my profile, and every now and then I find what I consider to be a gem with Cro-Magnon. And I will be the first to preface this review by stating the cigar does not fit my profile. But I like to think that I review a cigar fairly based upon the construction, notes, characteristics and more. I do not hate Andre Farkas the brand owner of Viaje and to be honest I only met him for 10 seconds at IPCPR in 2010. With that said and done, I find more of the Viaje cigars to be a miss instead of a hit. I know I am in the minority, as Viaje has a cult following. However, I wonder if the cult following is because of the cigars, or the rarity of them.

Will the Skull & Bones Weapons of Mass Destruction blow me away, or will it be a dud?

Press Release: National Nestor Miranda Day

Miami, FL, 14 April 11 … Miami Cigar & Company is back at it again, always willing to show their gratitude to the cigar smoking community, they have decided to bring back the heralded National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day. On Friday, May 6th, all authorized Nestor Miranda Collection retailers will participate and enjoy all of [...]

Padron 1964 Anniversary SI-15 Maduro – Cigar Review


When opposites collide is the best way to sum up the meeting of Smoke Inn & Padron. In one corner stands Abe “MING” Dababneh who learned the power of social media and bloggers with the release of the Tatuaje Anarchy. In the other corner stands Padron , who has yet to embrace the power of bloggers and social media while continuing to rely on out-dated print publications thato are no longer in touch with today’s smoker. Perhaps this is why Padron went from being my benchmark cigar to getting lost on the shelves of my local tobacconists. Out of site, out of mind.

According to the press release sent out by Abe, “In commemoration of our 15th Anniversary this year, we commissioned the Padron Family to make a special size exclusively for our stores. Jorge Padron’s face lit up when we told him our idea of a 6×60 Anniversary Cigar. What’s better than a Padron Anniversary Cigar, A BIGGER Padron Anniversary Cigar! This monster stick bellows smoke like a chimney. The sheer amount of tobacco used in this cigar creates a bold experience differing from the other vitolas in this line. All tobacco used in this limited production series is aged for four years, creating a smooth and complex flavor. There was less than 500 boxes produced of this limited edition, so don’t waste a second and get a part of cigar history today! ”

We review the Natural on March 31st, and today we offer our opinion on the Maduro.

Event Recap: Esquire Black Book Event at Nat Sherman

Ladies enjoying cigar

There was another cigar event Last week at Nat Sherman in Midtown. Instead of featuring furniture, the event was the launch of the new Esquire Big Black Book issue. It’s a kind of style guide for Gentlemen. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend, but my I did send over a friend so that he can enjoy the festivities and that I can live vicariously through him.

Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary – Cigar Review


When the Punch Rare Corojo entered the cigar marketplace I could not get enough of them. I wound up going through boxes of the rothechilde faster then my local cigar shop could keep them in stock. Sadly, between the time that they were released for the first time, and the 2nd years release something changed in the cigar. Rumour on the cigar boards called the cigar out for not being corojo. Regardless, I still found myself smoking these on a regular basis though they weren’t what they once were.

When I heard they were releasing the cigar in a 10th Anniversary Edition, I was seriously intrigued. According to the press release, “the 5” x 50 frontmark is unique in that it will feature a proprietary Connecticut Corojo wrapper. The new cigar will begin selling in late March for a suggested retail price of $6.50 per cigar until the limited supply is depleted. The cigars will be packed in eye catching cabinet style red wooden boxes and can be easily identified by a secondary red-and-gold band that bears the Rare Corojo distinction.”

News: Nestor Miranda to Release New Cigar at IPCPR


Last week on Twitter, Miami Cigar & Company released a tweet of a box pressed cigar that was being smoked. The cigar, which was labeled a test blend had many curious to what it was. Well, tonight that cat is out of the proverbial bag.

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve will be released in a limited edition of 1,000 boxes. The cigars made at the My Father factory under the watch of Jose Pepin Garcia, will feature a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, with a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The cigars come hot on the heels of another Miami Cigar & Company release which utilizes similar components, La Sirena.

These box pressed beauties will be 6.25″ x 52 in a torpedo vitola and are expected to retail at or below, $10.00 before local taxes. The cigars will be made available to order in Las Vegas at the annual IPCPR trade show which begins July 17th .

More details as they become available.

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