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One of the cigar shops I spend a lot of time at is Cigar Inn, located on 2nd avenue between 53rd and 54th Street in New York City. Not only are the 3 brothers that own it great people, but so is the eclectic mix of people who hang out there on a regular basis. The store has a high volume of customers and they tend to order a lot of items. Because of this sometimes, they have to store boxes in their warehouse where they become lost over time only to be found again. Recently they uncovered some original Tony Bahia Gold cigars which I sadly, missed out on. Then a few weeks later they uncovered today’s cigar which I pounced on.

The Oliva Grand Maduro eventually became the Series G and underwent a band change as well as a blend change. The Costa Rica wrapper that adorns this cigars was eventually replaced by a Connecticut Broadleaf.  According to various Oliva reps on twitter these cigars are approximately 5-9 years old and the tobacco is even older than that. Definitely an interesting find, but I was curious to how it would smoke.

Cigar: Oliva Grand Maduro
Size: 5.5 x 54
Wrapper: Costa Rica Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 5

Oliva Grand Maduro

Oliva Grand Maduro

Appearance and Construction: This dark Maduro cigar had some crystals on the wrapper, but surprisingly it was lacking visible oils as I removed it from the cello.  The roll of the cigar was nice, but the cap had a lot of creases on my samples. The band which was eventually changed to that of the Oliva G was a nice trip down memory lane, but I prefer the redesign over the original. In the hand the cigar had no soft spots, was well-balanced and had a light weight.

Oliva Grand Maduro

Foot of the Oliva Grand Maduro

Flavor & Notes: The pre-light draw has some wonderfully rich molasses notes that envelope the palate like some rich maple syrup while the foot of the cigar has similar notes but much more reduced. Once the cigar was lit, I was amazed at how smooth the cigar was with its subtle notes of cocoa that slowly become more of a rich chocolate that is joined by some coffee notes. As I enter the second third of the cigar I begin to pick up a nice cinnamon note on the retro-hale as the cigar picks up some in strength. The chocolate notes are gone, but the coffee remains. The final third of the cigar isn’t as smooth but the notes are a subtle chocolate, coffee and earthy finish.

Oliva Grand Maduro

Smoking the first third of the Oliva Grand Maduro

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar was a slow burning perfecto that lasted me 2 hours on the nose. This aged cigar featured a nice thin carbon line that slowly revealed a white ash that was firm. I lost the first ash at the half way point, and didn’t ash again til I put the cigar down for good. The cigar produced a nice amount of smoke that has a nice cinnamon aroma especially in the second third. The draw was perfection.

Oliva Grand Maduro

Smoking the second third of the Oliva Grand Maduro

Conclusion: Rarely will I review a cigar that isn’t available any more, but lately people have been asking me what the oldest cigar in my collection is. If this is indeed 9 years old, it would make it the oldest in my collection. You can order these via Cigar Inn if you wish, and despite the score I plan to pick up a few more due to the age of the smoke. The first 2 thirds were delicious, but the roughness of the final third left for an ordinary conclusion to the cigar.

Oliva Grand Maduro

Smoking the finall third of the Oliva Grand Maduro

Rating: 88
Price: $8.50

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  • http://www.toastedfoot.com Matthew

    Lol, when I first read that I thought it said “Olive Garden Review” and I was wondering if you’d branched out to reviewing mediocre Italian food!

    Good review as always Barry.

  • AJ

    Almost grabbed one last night. wish i had….

  • izzy

    What did the stick cost? good value???

  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com Barry

    $8.50 it was worth it.

  • Raq

    I stumbled upon your site after recently unearthing an original release Bahia Gold Robusto from the depths of my humidor. The OR Gold’s came in the round, in cabs of 25, with light claro wrappers. Made in Costa rica, and IMO, the best Bahia has ever produced. Then I saw your review of this older Oliva maddie. I tried the original release Oliva “O”, which were mfd by Perdomo, with cloth bands, and packaged in ornate cedar chests. They must’ve spent all their money on the packaging, because the cigars were horrible (metallic and a bit woody with the bite of green tobacco). But I’m glad I revisited the Oliva “O” as current Oliva production is clearly a much improved smoke.

  • http://Socialcigar.com Ade G&S Mccoy

    Good Review Barry..I was in cigar Inn looking for Oliva V and stumbled upon these beautys. I enjoyed this smoke a great deal. I smoke the G almost every morning after bfast and they taste entirely different. Anyway I picked up a few and feel good about it. Once again good review Barry. Hope to see you soon.

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