Easter Sunday Links

Easter Sunday is a day to reflect on religion, enjoy time spent with friends and family as well as smoking a cigar if you are lucky enough to get one in. For me this takes on a whole new meaning as I converted to the Catholic religion many years ago. Growing up in a Jewish family that was relaxed in its beliefs I went to Hebrew school to learn about the religion and to have a Bar Mitzvah. However, that was a path I never wound up going down. Perhaps it was due to an abusive teacher or the language but I asked to not go through with it and my parents reluctantly agreed.

All my friends growing up were Catholic and on Sunday we couldn’t play softball, stick-ball, football or hockey until they went to Church. It got to the point where I went to Church with them a couple of times and I became friendly with the priest, Father Murphy who turned out to be a pretty cool person. As time went by Father Murphy left the church for a different Parrish and in stepped Father Ted who I first had conversations with about conversion.

A few years went by and the desire to convert grew more and more. I found myself associating with the religion more and while I am not a born again about it, I am Catholic having converted to the religion I believed in.

So to everyone out there Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.

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