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El Perrito War of Flavors – Cigar Review


It seems like it has been forever since I reviewed a cigar. I had written many in advance and now I am back to writing them on the fly. When I post in this method generally speaking I have smoked at least 2 cigars previously of the brand I am reviewing in the same vitola. Sometimes a cigar is too expensive for this method, or a company sent me samples in different sizes. In the end about 80% of the time though, I have smoked a few before writing the review.

Today’s review is of El Credito, El Perrito War of Flavors. According to the press release…

Monday Cigar News Roundup

Guillermo Leon Purchases La Aurora

Memorial day is for remembering those who sacrificed for our Freedom. Hope yours was very relaxing. Today, I bring to you cigar news from all over the world. We take a look at the NYC smoking ban after a week, big changes in La Aurora, French and Chinese cigars, and more.

Come on inside, and read all about it in the Monday News Roundup

Memorial Day


Instead of our usual Monday review will be taking the time to reflect on all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the price of freedom. A freedom that our politicians are looking to take away from us. Regardless if you smoke cigars or not, take the time to remember those have fallen and send an email to your local elected officials reminding them of these sacrifices as they continue to take away our choices.

Today I smoke in honor of the fallen.

Graycliff Cigars Giveaway!


I’ve been a fan of Graycliff Cigars for some time now, and I have smoked my share of the Red (Original), White (Crystal) and Blue (Professionale) cigars since I started smoking 14 years ago. Every shop I have ever worked in, or had a piece of I made sure to carry these cigars. While expensive, it is my personal opinion that these are among the top cigars out there.

Well with Torano taking over distribution in the USA Graycliff is in the limelight for the first time to a lot of cigar smokers. I recently spoke with a public relations person from the company and they have agreed to sponsor the first giveaway as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

God of Fire 2006 by Don Carlos – Cigar Review


I was in Cigar Inn the other day in NYC looking for some cigars to review. It’s gotten tough lately in NYC, and as I tend to support my local brick & mortars the unsmoked cigars are beginning to run dry. It’s at the point where I might have to begin to catalog shop to get me through until new releases come out. Today’s cigar is the God of Fire by Don Carlos.

According to Brent Butterworth, “Carlos Fuente, Sr. (aka Don Carlos) and his son, Carlito Fuente, blended the God of Fire cigars. God of Fire by Don Carlos uses an Ecuadorian wrapper while God of Fire by Carlito has a Cameroon wrapper. Don Carlos and Carlito Fuente have adjusted their blends to suit each size and shape of cigar offered. All God of Fire cigars can be considered medium-bodied, and all deliver a smooth, refined character and a satisfying, full flavor. Beyond those common traits, though, no further generalizations can be made. One must sample all of the God of Fire cigars to experience the wealth of flavors this line offers.”

For more details, click read more

Graycliff Cigar Company Appoints Torano as US Distributor

Miami, Florida (May 22, 2011) – The Graycliff Cigar Company and the Toraño Family Cigar Company are proud to announce that Graycliff has officially appointed the Toraño Family Cigar Company as its exclusive distributor in the U.S.A. as of June 1, 2011.

“After many years of doing our own distribution, we decided that it was best if we partnered with Toraño to handle that part of our business, so we could focus on the production side,” said Paolo Garzaroli, President of the Graycliff Cigar Company. “We chose Toraño for the similarity in our family values and because our respective cigar brands will complement each other very well.”

News: Sam Leccia Starts A New Cigar Company


Breaking News guys! Sam Leccia, a cigar innovator, has announced that he is going to be starting his own cigar company: The Sam Leccia Cigar Company!

I sure can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves. His last innovation was absolutely stunning and disrupted the cigar industry. Here’s the press release:

Para Japon – Cigar Review

Para Japon Band

Back in March of 2011 a group of bloggers were invited to the La Aurora cigar factory and while events that surrounded me might live in infamy the best thing to come out of the trip was the birth of Para Japon. One of my esteemed colleagues Mario Takeyama from Cigar Explorer is of Japanese heritage. He was born there, and is still a legal resident of the island nation. With the catastrophic earthquake still fresh in our minds Mario began to seek support for a cigar to raise money for the people of Japan. We all jumped on board and once La Aurora made the cigar an official project we all tossed our weight behind the project.

Monday Cigar Links

Barry has been unable to post in the last few days because his Internet is going through intermittent disruptions. In the meantime, here is some food for thought: New York Times takes a good look at the new smoking Ban; reviews a new offering from Villager Stokkebye, and we bring you pictures from Central Park’s last legal Saturday Herf.

Event: Smoke Out Paley Park


Due to modem issues with Verizon at my home office there will be no review today, however there is an event taking place today that all smokers in NYC should attend. With the smoking ban in place that prohibits us from lighting up in a park, at the beach or in a pedestrian mall such as Times Square it is important that we stand together today, as one.

According to William Paley,

Saturday Morning Cut and Light: The Internet Told Me So

In today’s feature, we take a look around the globe to let us know about various news articles, celebrity cigar sights, other reviews, and more.

This week features a new cigar rolling service (by very attractive ladies), the closing of an Iconic Cigar factory in PA, a new offering by Alec Bradley, and an interesting look at what breakfast looked like for Sir Winston Churchill

As well as pictures!

Event Recap: Primo Cigar Shop, Santa Fe, NM


This past week I took a flight out of New York to escape for a while with some friends in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A place I’ve been to once before that had me eager to return. With the mountains in every direction and low humidity I was able to kick back and relax while taking part in the re-branding/re-opening of Primo Cigar Shop. The shop which is open daily from 11-7 features a walk in humidor full of the top brands and a large selection of pipes and pipe tobacco is truly heaven on earth when the surroundings are taken into consideration.

Nat Sherman Celebrates Their 80th Birthday With A Collaboration


Do you know that Nat Sherman, New York’s finest Tobacco Shop, is turning 80 years old. That’s right, New York’s premier tobacconist is celebrating by collaborating with a luggage manufacturer, Globe-Trotter. They designed an exclusive humidor (only 25 humidors are available) for the Nat Sherman’s flag-ship for a very limited time.

Event Recap: José Seijas at the Metropolitan Society, NJ


Wow, what a great event last night at the Metropolitan Society in New Jersey. As an Altadis cigar VIP (via John Conroy), I got a chance to meet the legendary Jose Seijas, vice president & general manager, Tabalcerla de Garcia (an Altadis company).

José made all of us feel special by giving an impromptu, but extraordinarily informative, presentation/Q&A session about his role at his cigar factory. In the world of premium cigars, there are only a few people who are peers with Master Blender José Seijas. Some say that José is to Altadis, the same way Benji Menendez is to General Cigar.

La Sirena Series A – Cigar Review


They finally made a cigar to fit the band. That was the first thing to enter my mind when I was given one this past Saturday. The cigars were a parting gift as we celebrated Arielle Ditkowich’s 25th birthday as well as her father Danny’s 50th birthday. Danny is a partner at Tobacco Plaza, a shop I often visit when on Long Island. The event which took place as Oheka Castle (used to represent Xanadu in Citizen Kane) was attended by close friends and family.

The size A (for Arielle) of the La Sirena is a limited edition cigar to celebrate this milestone in Arielle’s life. No word on who will have these to sell, but it will be a tough to find cigar for sure. They are scheduled to start to shipping in 2 weeks.

Zino Platinum Z Class – Cigar Review


One of the latest offerings from Davidoff is the Zino Z Class. In looking at the robusto which is the 550R, I wonder who named this cigar and if they had worked for the auto industry at one time in the career.  Lets face it the Z-Class 550R sounds more like the latest car from Mercedes then a cigar. Even the brochure for the Z Class reminds me of something from an auto dealership.

According to the press release:

Studio Tobac ST-DS001 – Cigar Review


A few weeks ago I was at Cigar Expo helping out the guys from Miami Cigar & Company by manning the La Aurora Cigar booth. The regular rep had an even scheduled in Philadelphia so I was asked by the VP of Sales to cover for him. While there I ran into Ian Hummel from Oliva Cigars & Studio Tobac. At the end of the show when I went to say goodbye and he gifted me an Oliva V. I noticed a cigar in his pocket, and being the rude bastard I can be I lifted it out to see what it was. Well, Ian insisted I take it and smoke it despite my refusal. The last thing I want to create with this blog is a vehicle for free cigars. I don’t wish to be considered a cigar weasel. With Ian reassuring me I wasn’t I accepted the cigar.

Breaking News: Michael Herklots and Pat Felitti Join Nat Sherman

George Bill Sherman, Michael Herklots, Pat Felitti

Things are shaking up at Nat Sherman! The General Manager of Davidoff New York City, Michael Herklots, is leaving Davidoff to work at the Nat Sherman flagship store.

Michael has accepted a brand new position at Nat Sherman, the executive director of retail and brand development. Michael brings much experience to Nat Sherman. Not only does he have approximately a decade’s worth of luxury tobacco experience, he’s active on Twitter, is a blogger and is intimately familiar with the tools and industry professionals of social media.

News: 262 To Expand Portfolio


The revolution continues to grow over at 262 cigars who recently contacted me the other day to let me know what future holds for the company. I first smoked the 262 Paradigm last year and I was pretty impressed by this new boutique cigar. In 2010, I got to spend some time with Clint Aaron the owner of 262 while at IPCPR and we developed a friendship that continues to grow to this day. If I make it back to IPCPR this year I look forward to cutting and lighting one with him again.

More details after the jump…

Press Release: Torano Releases 6 x 60 Exodus 1959 50 Years


(Miami, Florida) May 12, 2011 – Toraño Family Cigar Company, makers of some of the finest cigars in the world, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Exodus 1959 50 Years BFC 6×60 that will be unveiled at this year’s IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, NV.

The BFC 6×60 is the fifth vitola to be introduced by the family in this line, which has become a true staple of the Toraño portfolio. The Exodus 1959 50 Years has received many accolades, including being awarded a 93 rating by Cigar Aficionado and ranked number 12 on their list of top 25 cigars of the year in 2010.

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