News: 262 To Expand Portfolio

The revolution continues to grow over at 262 cigars who recently contacted me the other day to let me know what future holds for the company. I first smoked the 262 Paradigm last year and I was pretty impressed by this new boutique cigar. In 2010, I got to spend some time with Clint Aaron the owner of 262 while at IPCPR and we developed a friendship that continues to grow to this day. If I make it back to IPCPR this year I look forward to cutting and lighting one with him again.

The 262 Ideology is adding a Corona and will retail at $6.65 a stick and is expected to be available soon. If you haven’t smoked the Ideology I suggest giving it a try. More than likely you will join the revolution.

Clint also added, “We are working on a new blend right now, and it’s going to be something special. I can’t release many details yet, but we’ll be launching our marketing campaign this summer for the blend. It’s a very limited run cigar that will be available early 2012.”

With the 50th Anniversary of JFK signing the embargo again Cuba one can guess where the revolution is heading.

262 Cigars can be found on the web via