El Perrito War of Flavors – Cigar Review

It seems like it has been forever since I reviewed a cigar. I had written many in advance and now I am back to writing them on the fly. When I post in this method generally speaking I have smoked at least 2 cigars previously of the brand I am reviewing in the same vitola. Sometimes a cigar is too expensive for this method, or a company sent me samples in different sizes. In the end about 80% of the time though, I have smoked a few before writing the review.

Today’s review is of El Credito, El Perrito War of Flavors. According to the press release, “The cigar’s distinctive name is derived from a term coined at the El Credito® Cigar Factory in Santiago, DR.  El Perrito (translation: little dog) was created by two cigar factory supervisors (Robert Batista and Juan Almonte) who brought their concept for a small, powerhouse cigar to El Credito’s Michael Giannini (director of marketing) and Yuri Guillen (director of manufacturing). The supervisors came to Michael and Yuri, raving about how they made the cigars and describing the taste experience as a battle of flavors in the mouth. Michael and Yuri sampled the prototypes and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Let’s hope the “little dog” isn’t a dog rocket….

Cigar: El Perrito
Size: 5.5 x 38
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: 2 Leaves, 1 Nicaraguan, 1 Dominican
Strength: Full
Number Smoked: 5

El Perrito "War of Flavors"

El Perrito "War of Flavors"

Appearance and Construction: The El Perrito War of Flavors is entirely hand-crafted and is made without the use of any molds, which is quite clear when looking at it. Each cigar of the 5 samples I smoked looked different with the exception of the size. The result is a finished product that looks like what Clint Eastwood smoked in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Adorning this smoke is a red and white band that states El Credito, which is the factory in the Dominican Republic that produces these. Despite that the El Perrito only uses a total of 4 tobacco leaves, it has a nice weight to it.

Flavors & Notes: Despite being pre-cut I cut off another 1/8th of an inch to be sure and the pre-light draw was slightly sweet and floral. Off of the wrapper I didn’t get much to the nose that was worthy of making a note of. As I listened to the Ecstasy of the Gold (the theme to the aforementioned Eastwood movie) I lit up the small cigar and was pleasantly surprised. The cigar has some noted of cedar and spice that is complimented by a slight creaminess. I debated if I should break the cigar down into thirds but it does change a bit. In the second third the cigar is more cedar and spice. The creaminess comes and goes but it loses the battle at times with a beat down. In the last third the strength kicks it up a notch with a nice little nicotine kick while occasionally continuing to tease with a creamy edge.

Smoking Characteristics: Despite being one ugly duckling of a cigar it burned really well. The light color ash held on similar to that of a lancero. The draw was perfect and the cigar had a nice aroma to it. For a little cigar it definitely held its ground with the more traditional sizes.

Conclusion: Sometimes I look for a cigar that will get my to my business partners house, which is 30 minute drive in the AM. I look for another cigar on the ride home which is late at night and takes about 20 minutes. This cigar is perfect for both occasions. The “little dog” is definitely not a dog rocket, and is very good little smoke. It has a nice traditional flavor profile with a bit of a kick toward the end. The only complaint is the same one my good friend Jerry Cruz over at Stogie Review had. The band states El Credito, yet the cigar is called El Perrito which is confusing to say the least. Sign me up for a cab of 50 though, as this cigar is perfect for when time is limited.

Rating: 89
Price: $2.50 / $125.00