Diamond Crown #3 – Cigar Review

According the the Diamond Crown website:

In 1991, Stanford Newman first discussed his idea about making a Super Premium cigar, the Diamond Crown’s, with Carlos Fuente Sr. In celebration of his J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s upcoming 100th Anniversary, Stanford wanted to develop a truly exceptional series of cigars unlike any other on the market. He didn’t care what it would cost, how much time it took, or even if it would sell. Stanford was in his mid 70s and he wanted to culminate his 50+ years in the cigar business by creating the smoothest, most flavorful, full-bodied cigar possible.

One of the factors that makes the taste of Diamond Crown cigars so special is its exclusive Connecticut Fermented Wrapper (CFW). Unlike most other quality tobacco wrappers that are normally hung in barns, dried, and bulked for a single fermentation prior to being packed in bales and eventually rolled into cigars, Diamond Crown’s CFW wrapper goes through a second fermentation. Specially fermented five year old wrapper leaves are unpacked from the bale and then conditioned and graded. The silkiest, smoothest leaves are then selected and placed in bulks for a second fermentation. It is this “second curing ” that evens and develops the rosado color of the tobacco wrapper and also accounts for much of Dimond Crown’s sweet, smooth, rich flavor.

Does the cigar live up to the billing?

Cigar: Diamond Crown
Size: 6.5 x 54 (#3)
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild
Number Smoked: 5+

Appearance and Construction: Made with tobaccos aged for 5 years, the Diamond Crown sports a golden brown wrapper from Connecticut that has a nice oily sheen to it. I will even go as far to say that this might be the best shade wrapper I have ever laid my eyes upon. The cigar is rolled to perfection with a nice flat cap that is reminiscent of a Cuban cigar. In the hand the cigar has a nice weight to it and feels dense. There are no soft spots, but the foot seems a little but loose. the band is a little bit over-sized and sports colors of red, gold, yellow and white.

Flavors & Notes: The cold draw of the Diamond Crown #3 serves up notes of hay and grass while the foot of the cigar has a slight spice to the nose to compliment the earthy components. I decided to pair this cigar with some Ron Barcelo rum which is a product of the Dominican Republic. Normally I pair my cigar with water, or cola but the cold draw of the cigar put me in the mood for a little rum. Once the cigar is lit, i wait for the notes to develop before sipping my rum. The initial notes are creamy, bordering on vanilla with a touch of nuts (almonds) and spice. As we approach the second third of the cigar the creaminess begins to fade. The nuts step out to the forefront as a distinct almond note takes hold. It is eventually joined by some wood as the creaminess slowly creeps back into play. The final third still highlights the almond notes, and a touch of licorice is introduce with a nice woodsy finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The perfefct burn, is the best way to sum this one up. A razor sharp burn line with a llight to medium ash that is as firm as they come. The draw was ideal, and the volume of smoke was nearly perfect. The cigar wasn’t offensive to my friend who was with me at the time of smoking. In other words, she didn’t complain once about the aroma and even took a pull.

Conclusion: While the profile might seam similar to other cigars what sets the Diamond Crown apart is how smooth it is. The cigar has a nice profile, and is as smooth as they come. The price however, is a slight bump in the road but in the long run it’s a road we will like to travel.

Rating: 90
Price: $198.95 box of 15 @ Uptown Cigar