Cigar Education Sells Cigars

Selling cigars is not about selling cigars. More often than not, it’s about the feeling a smoker gets once he (or she) purchases that cigar (says Christian Eiroa). Sometimes, the cigar smoker expects a little more at a brick and mortar store. That little something extra can be the shop keepers’ personalities, cigar blending sessions, or even deeper knowledge about cigars. Jose Blanco (soon to be departing La Aurora) knows this very well and showcased it in his cigar blending/tasting seminars.


Some shops are going the distance to bring in-depth cigar knowledge to the forefront. For example, Terry Fournier and Steve Harper of Two Guys Smoke Shop in Seabrook now associate cigars with education.


Armed with fresh certifications from Tobacconist University official curriculum of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association, these two tobacconists are ready to give their customers a unique educational experience in luxury tobacco, and not a just sales pitch.


Would customers care of such certifications? According to Harper,

“The biggest benefit is credibility,” said Harper, the manager at Two Guys in Seabrook. “I’ve been in sales for a number of years, but if customers feel you are in the know, they’re more comfortable.”


I tend to agree that a more educated retailer is better for business. Customers are getting savvier about cigars and can order from online retailers. Brick and mortar shops can definitely provide an awesome personal educational experience about cigars – that’s something that the Online Shops cannot do very easily.


Congratulations and good luck to you Steve and Terry!


Via Sea Coast Online