New York State Assembly Passes Flavored Cigar Bill

As we all sit in New York and wait for the Assembly to vote on bill A1093 and hopefully approve the tax cap for cigars at $1.00, the only worthwhile news to come out involved flavored cigars. The New York State Assembly banned the sale of flavored cigars and tobacco in non cigar shops by a score of 102-0. This will protect brands like ACID and Tatiana. In recent weeks the bill was re-worded to protect cigar shops from selling tobaccos of this type. The bill which still needs the state senate to vote on would make illegal to sell flavored tobacco and cigars in places like drug stores, convenience stores,  and bodegas. The move was made to limit the amount of product being sold to non-traditional smokers in an attempt to stop teens from rolling blunts.

Update: The State Senate has yet to pass this, and it is NOT law.

The State Assembly will reconvene on Friday, June 24th at 9:30 or 10:00 am. Live coverage can be seen via the State Assembly website.