E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2011 – Cigar Review

One of my favorite cigars last year was the Short Run from EP Carillo. Like many limited editions they tend to disappear and you are left wanting more. Well, the time of the year has come for the 2011 Short Run to be released and I picked this up from Buckhead Cigar. Since the inaugural release in 2009 I have become a huge fan of this company.

The Short Run 2011 has been released in 3 sizes. They are Bombones (4 7/8 x 50); Canonazos (5 7/8 x 52) and Inmensos (6 1/4 x 60). I believe they retail from $6.00 and up. This year’s version uses a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper compared to the Sumatra last year.

Cigar: E.P. Carrillo Short Run
Size: 4 7/8 x 50 (Bombones)
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua (75%) & Dominican Repuclic (25%)
Strength: Medium
Number Smoked: 5

EP Carrillo Short Run 2011

EP Carrillo Short Run 2011

Appearance and Construction: The 2011 Short Run by Ernesto Perez Carrillo features a gorgeous looking Habano wrapper with some faint oils and only a few small veins. The cigar is rolled well, with a perfect cap. In the hand the wrapper feels slightly rough with no soft spots and there is a nice weight to the stick. The cigar utilizes a 2 band system, the first being the classic EP Carrillo band. The second band is where I have an issue. It denotes, Short Run but nothing else. So there is no easy way to tell if it is the ’10 or the ’11 in hand. I hope in future years this changes.

Flavors & Notes: The cold draw of the cigar served up some grassy notes and a creaminess to the mix as well. The foot of the cigar was earthy and had some floral like qualities to it. Once I was ready I lit the cigar with my Xikar Ex Soft Flame lighter. Once the cigar is lit a nice amount of spice is present to start which is a mix of some pepper and cinnamon notes. After about an inch the cigar becomes complex with notes of maple, nuts and spices. As we reach the second third the sweetness of the maple is all but gone and the primary note becomes nuts that are slightly roasted while through to nose some spice remains. The last third the spice kicks it up a notch, and cigar becomes fuller in body, making the a medium to full cigar. The notes are wood, and earth with a nice spicy finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The burn  was slightly less than perfect but I never had to reach for my lighter to fix it or relight it. The ash was solid, and it fell off just prior to me removing the bands. The smoke volume was nice, and the aroma pleasant. The draw offered a slight resistance which in my book is perfect.

Conclusion: It seems E.P. Carrillo has the midas touch. Every cigar that he has come out with turns to gold, as I really can’t find a single product that fails to deliver. I guess the question that remains is, “Which is better, the 2010 or 2011 Short Run?” I guess that depends on the smoker. For me, it was the 2010, but if you like your cigars a little stronger than what has come out from the company then you will most likely answer the 2011.

Rating: 91
Price: $6.00 (approximately)

Note: The battery on my camera died, and that’s all the pictures on this review, sorry.