First Look: Tatuaje Wolfman

If I wasn’t sitting in a cigar shop last night on Long Island, I probably wouldn’t have posted this but since it was a topic of conversation I figured I would write about it. Today on Twitter, Pete Johnson who is the mastermind behind the Tatuaje brand shared some info about the upcoming release in the Monster Series line. First thing was a picture of the Wolfman (see below). He also answered the question that was the topic of conversation last night and the answer was these will be available in both dress and non dress boxes.

The Wolfman will be a 7 1/2 x 52 Box-pressed torpedo, with a Sumatra wrapper grown in Ecuador. The band will be brown with red writing which Pete describes as “Ugly”. Production is set to be at the same number as last year, 666 numbered dress boxes and 1300 plain boxes.

I also forgot if Pete posted this, tweeted this or if I got it from someone else but the cigar is allegedly based on the Gran Cojonu.