Speak Out! Keep the FDA out of your Humidors!


It seems every year politicians preach about making government smaller, but yet it seems to get bigger and bigger. The latest mind-boggling issue is that the FDA wants to get involved in the cigar industry. When will enough be enough? It is time to stand up to the local politicians and put our foot down while we still have a voice to do so. The land of the free, is not so free anymore my friends.

As Obamacare inches further toward reality, the government will look to control various aspects of the issues they consider to be a burden on the health care system. First is various forms of tobacco. We’ve lost the right to smoke in various places including our own private property. If we don’t stand up here, what will be next. In the 1900’s the people stood up to prohibition, and it is now time to stand up to prohibition 2.0.

What will FDA involvement mean?

  • Higher cigar prices funding FDA to take control of the cigar industry
  • Manufacturing restrictions that ruin the taste and aroma of your cigar
  • Potential end to new cigar blends and limited editions
  • No more self-service walk-in humidors–your cigars could be behind lock and key
  • Onerous advertising restrictions
  • No more premium cigars with flavors of coffee, distilled spirits, or other flavorings sought only by adult audiences

Visit the IPCPR website today, enter your zip code and fire off a letter to your elected officials!