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Event: Chattanooga Tweet Up!

CHA TweetUp Logo for web

Friday and Saturday, August 12 and 13, 2011
Anticipation continues to grow for the first large-scale cigar event to be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee: the 2011 Tweet-Up. The event is being hosted by Burns Tobacconist and the Chattanooga Billiards Club, with two locations in the city; and is being organized and promoted by members of two popular cigar blogs: the Tiki Bar Online and Stogie Review.

Smoke Inn My Father El Hijo – Cigar Review

Smoke Inn My Father El Hijo Band

o far 2011 has been a good vintage for Smoke Inn. Earlier this year the man behind the chain of tobacco shops in Flordia launched the first of his microblend series with the release of the Tatuaje Anarchy. The cigar which has really done well with age was followed by the Padron 6 x 60, a first in that ring gauge for Padron.

The third installment of the 4 part series is from My Father Cigars and called the El Hijo. The cigar will feature a select 2009 harvest Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with binder and fillers from Nicaragua. The cigar will come in a 5.5 x 52 with an unfinished foot. Only 650 boxes of 15 are being made, and the cigar is labeled as medium to full-bodied. Pre-Orders are now being taken over at Smoke Inn, and they are selling fast so get your order in today!

Humidor Review: The Winston Humidor


About a week ago I was talking to Keith from 1st Class Cigar Humidors to set up a wholesale account for some friends of mine that have a cigar shop and in the conversation it was asked if I ever review humidors. My answer was no, but we would consider it. Well, the time has come for just that.

The Winston Humidor is a work of art with a beautifully polished Ebony Wood Finish. The edges of the humidor are of the same finish, and the seal on the humidor which is the most important is solid. The inside of the humidor is lines with Spanish Cedar and comes with 3 dividers to separate your cigars. The inside of the lid is is magnetic which allows you to place your hygrometer, humidifier and scissors inside the lid. This is an improvement over the usual Velcro stickers that come with many units today.

News: Dennis Rodman Launches WB Cigars


Like every year, there seemed to be lots of new releases at this year’s IPCPR. But this year, there’s one special new commer that stood out. Looks like NBA-all star Dennis Rodman is coming out with a new cigar. I’m not sure if he actually had a booth at the IPCPR but he was definitely in his element, being the heart of Las Vegas nightlife.

See the pictures below? He was launching his WB Brand Cigar line and handed out boxes of cigars to partygoers.

Here’s a brief description of the WB Cigars:

EP Carrillo Maduro – Cigar Review

EP Carrillo Core Maduro Band

In the winter of 2009 Ernest Perez Carillo entered the cigar market once again after his famed career with La Gloria Cubana. The 2009 Innaugral Edition was met with mixed reviews from the cigar community and since then it’s been one stellar review after another as E.P. Carrillo reestablished himself as one of the best in the business.

The Core Maduro joins the Natural which was released earlier this year. Those along with the New Wave Connecticut are the only cigars from the company in regular production, but the other cigars have been met with much fanfare. The Elencos is produced in limited numbers as is the Short Run. The latter changes blends from year to year while the former doesn’t have enough of the components to produce year round. Also due later this year is the Limited Edition 2011.

In the creation of the Maduro line…

Labeling America: Cigar Box Designs by John Grossman

Labeling America

The art that goes into a cigar box or label can often make a person reach for a cigar. Over the years the art of the cigar has slowly been lost as many manufactures offer their cigars in plain wooden boxes. At the trade show some of the art of the past was on display at the La Palina booth and the current band pays homage to the beauty of the past. Most of the art that adorned brands of the past as been forgotten or never seen by today’s smoker, until now.

Drew Estate Undercrown – Specs


According to Drew Estate, Undercrown is a liga blended on our factory floor by the best of our Liga Privada torcedores for themselves due to our request that they smoke less of the cigars they were crafting. Incorporating many of the same rare tobaccos, but of different vintages and primings, the cigar they created was no mere replacement. Earthy, creamy, spicy with a delicious black tobacco sweet finish, Undercrown is an exceptional smoking experience of uncompromising quality and flavor that deserves to be smoked by all.

Liga Privada Unico Series L40 Lancero – Specs


According to Drew Estate, “In our ongoing creation of the Liga Privada line, hundreds of different, distinct blends and vitolas are crafted in our ceaseless search for the perfect smoke. Most samples are dismissed with only a rare, select few being deemed worthy, but regretfully due to tobacco limitations, costs, construction limitations, etc. most of these blends can not be made into a their own stand-alone line. However, they are so perfect in flavor and aroma, we continue to selfishly make them for ourselves to smoke. This is not our desire, we want the Liga Privada connoisseur to enjoy the very same cigars our “El Jefe” smokes regardless of any reason. And with this in mind, we have created the Único Serie – a home for these unique nes. All of the cigars within this series are not only different in size and recipe, but they are extra special, extremely limited and exceptionally delicious.”

Padilla La Terraza Capa Habano 2010 – Cigar Review

La Terraza Capa Habano 2010 Band

There is so much one can write about Padilla Cigars that is both positive and negative. For the aspect of this review we will keep in positive… for the most part. Originally made by Pepin, the source of Padilla Cigars bounced around more then a Mexican Jumping Bean. Cigars that were loved by the consumer were no longer available due to changes and despite this Padilla continues to land on his feet by producing good cigars. Things seem to be good for Ernesto Padilla now and despite some delays in the releasing of new product he is back on track to make a new impression on cigar smokers.

On Twitter lately there has been a buzz about the new Padilla La Terraza…

El Primer Mundo Epifania – Cigar Review

El Primer Mundo Epifania Band

Sean Williams the owner of El Primer Mundo is one of the nicest guys you can meet in the industry. While his cigars are relatively new they have slowly begun to expand into many cigar shops around the nation. Last year we were pleasantly surprised with the Primer Mundo Liga Miami so when we got some samples of the Epifania we were eagerly awaiting smoking them.

The Epifania translates to Epiphany in Italian and was made in Calle Ocho, Miami, Florida at El Titan de Bronze which has become a hotbed of exquisite smokes. The question is does this cigar fit that trend, or has the famed factory hit a speed bump in the road of success.

Music: Anders Holst – SoHo Suite


I recently got an email from a marketing firm asking if I would like to write a music review and to be honest, I had no intention of doing so. However, the email contained a link to the song on Sound Cloud and I liked what I heard. Despite being a metal head who is eagerly awaiting to see the Big Four at Yankees Stadium I was taken to a place I’ve never been before. The song allowed me to escape and get lost in my cigar as I had a vision of a smoke filled Jazz club. The soft Jazz was perfect to compliment my attempt to relax with a cigar.

Once I accepted …

JJ 4 JJ Day

The hardest thing any parent can do is bury their child. It is something Jerry Cruz had to do when his first born son was 3.5 months old and passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS). In each year since, he has asked that everyone smoke a Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ in memory of his son, The Little Robusto. This year we join him in smoking a cigar in his sons memory, today, July 22, 2011.

Last year you may remember we held a fundraiser to raise money for SIDS, and various members of the community took part. It was also here that the process of getting the Little Robusto cigar made by My Father Cigars. That process is still in the works and the release of the cigar should be sometime before the year is over. This year our friend Jay has a giveaway to celebrate the life of JJ. You can check it out at Cigar Photo.

And while we can’t do a fundraiser this year I am making a donation to the American SIDS Institute in memory of Jermiah Cruz Jr for $100.00.

To all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one I remind you, “Those who we keep in our hearts, are with us forever”. To learn more about SIDS visit the American SIDS Institute.

Cohiba Behike – Cigar Review

Behike Band

We decided to take a break from reviewing over the past 2 weeks except for the occasional stick to keep things interesting. It wasn’t planned, but with the summer upon us spending the day and night outside left us little time to concentrate on reviews. In fact over the past 2 weeks we cut back our cigar smoking significantly to let our taste buds rest. Today we return with a cigar gifted to me from a European friend and being the patriot I am, I wanted to do my best to destroy the crops of our neighbor to the south.

Press Release: La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale


Inspired by an antique humidor found at the El Credito® Cigar Factory, Michael Giannini and Team La Gloriatoiled for nearly a decade to replicate the antique humidor. Inclusive of a two-year process that encompassed cultivating a new wrapper, the development of the blend for Artesanos Retro Especiale was approached with an equal amount of creativity and commitment.



We received a bunch of press releases today from General Cigar, but will hold off on posting the majority of them until we have the photography to go with them.

First up is the CAO OSA Sol, which features a proprietary wrapper cultivated in Hondurs in Olancho’s San Augustin valley. The cigar is is the first release for CAO under the auspices of General Cigar….

I recently had the chance to have dinner at Club Macanudo with Victori McKee who is the Director of Public Relations along with Rick Rodriguez from CAO. Rick who is in charge of new product development had an in depth conversation with about the methods of aging and fermentation that CAO used in the past.

Santos de Miami by Jameson Cigars – Cigar Review

Santos de Miami Band

About a week ago I was surfing through some cigar websites when I saw today’s smoke in the photo-stream over at The stream located at the bottom of the page had a cigar that utilized the colors of the Miami Dolphins. Despite being a Jets fan I have long loved the color combination and decided to order the stick based on appearance alone. The extreme box press, pig tail cap and color combination of the of the band had me ordering these in the blink of an eye.

According to the Jameson Cigar website…

News: Sam Leccia Banned From 2011 IPCPR Trade Show *Updated 7/17/11*


The following was posted by Sam Leccia on his Facebook account moments ago, “I am saddened to announce that my Debut is on hold. I have been barred from attending the Cigar Show by court order. I will however, be vigorously pursuing Oliva’s failure to fulfill it’s contractual obligations to me and my family. I have faith in the legal system and I will see you all as soon as possible. Thank You all, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support.”

This is sad news and it is quite obvious the Nub brand has developed well without Sam at the helm, and one would think the marketplace would be big enough for both to get a piece of. It also leaves a sour taste in our stomach as this piece of gamesmanship is pretty petty. More as it develops…

News: Fuente Aged Selection, God of Fire & Prometheus Collection


Cigar reviews will resume on Monday as I had a bout of the summer flu, thankfully it twas the week before IPCPR and there were more press releases then one would know what do with. This morning I woke up to 3 separate press releases from different divisions within Prometheus. The items from Prometheus have proven to be true collectors items with some rare Opus releases, and one of a kind blends. This year seems to be no different and I’ve highlighted some of the top releases…

Wayne Newton to Accept Donation to the USO Las Vegas at IPCPR Tradeshow at Sands Expo


News surfaced today from General Cigar Company that solidifies to this blogger why the trade show needs to stay in Vegas. It also solidifies my belief that the cigar community is the most generous around. Despite our constantly being under attack by those who think they know best we continue to step up to the plate to help others.

General Cigar will be presenting Wayne Newton with a $20,000.00 check for the USO on Monday July 18th. The donation made on behalf of IPCPR will be at 2pm at booth 412 in Exhibit Halls B and C.

Event Recap: Primo Cigar Shop Golf Tournament


This past week our friends at Primo Cigar Shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico hosted their first annual golf tournament. The event which took place on July 12th at the Marty Sanchez golf course featured a shotgun start and 18 holes under blue skies with cotton like clouds in the distance over the the mountains of Sante Fe.

The event which cost $75 per person covered the cost of greens fees, cart and also included tees, balls, and premium cigars courtesy of the shop. After the event everyone headed back to the shop to enjoy a BBQ, Beverages and of course more cigars from the well stocked humidor which recently just had to add more shelves for the ever growing stock.

Video & Winners after the jump…

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