Changing of the Guard at Miami Cigar & Company


Miami, FL, July 11, 2011 … Three years ago the Miranda family experienced something that no family can ever be prepared for. After a four year fight with cancer, Mariana and Nestor’s son Danny passed away. “This was the most difficult situation I have ever had to deal with” said Nestor. Not only did this affect their family but it also had direct implications to Miami Cigar, Danny was everything to the company.

The Miranda’s were faced with a dilemma and called upon Rene Castaneda for support.

Rene was the current NY territory representative and although he enjoyed being on the road he decided to make the move to Miami and help head Miami Cigar. “When I spoke to Nestor for the first time after Danny passed away I realized that this was not a decision that I had to think about, I had to be there for him and for this company.”

During this transition, Castaneda brought aboard Jason Wood to be his direct counterpart in hopes that one day he would be able to return to NY and leave the company in good hands.

That day has arrived and both Castaneda and Wood couldn’t be happier. “Over the last 2 ½ years, Jason has shown that he not only has the capacity to take over but I believe he has the talent to take us to the next level”  said Castaneda.

Castaneda will retain his role as Executive Director for National Accounts and still play an active role on the Board of Directors for Miami Cigar.

Jason started his tenure with Miami Cigar in March 2009 and has worked his way through all sectors of the company, finally culminating with his recent promotion. He will be over-seeing all aspects of the company and continue to work closely with the factories introducing top of the line products into the market. “I am honored that Nestor and Rene have the supreme confidence in me to continue moving this company in the right direction” says Wood, “and I am excited for what the future has to offer!”