News: Sam Leccia Banned From 2011 IPCPR Trade Show *Updated 7/17/11*

Some disappointing new was shared by Sam Leccia on his Facebook account moments ago.


His statement is as follows,


I am saddened to announce that my Debut is on hold. I have been barred from attending the Cigar Show by court order. I will however, be vigorously pursuing Oliva’s failure to fulfill it’s contractual obligations to me and my family. I have faith in the legal system and I will see you all as soon as possible. Thank You all, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support.

This is sad news and it is quite obvious the Nub brand has developed well without Sam at the helm, and one would think the marketplace would be big enough for both to get a piece of. It also leaves a sour taste in our stomach as this piece of gamesmanship is pretty petty. More as it develops…

Jose Oliva issued a statement from Las Vegas;

I am always amazed by how quickly people will draw conclusions with little more than marginal information.

Prudence prevents me from getting into details about this situation. I will however offer a few items for consideration.

The Oliva Cigar Co is not a big conglomerate, it is a small family owned business. The consistency of actions by the family and the company throughout the years should carry some weight when hasty generalizations are being made. For years Oliva has provided world class cigars at reasonable prices, even when the economy allowed for gouging. We have sought to bring new and innovative products to the genuine aficionado and to always advance our craft. Furthermore, the actual facts of the matter are not being sought by those eager to draw conclusions.

Consider that a judge heard facts that you have not and ruled accordingly. Consider also that during the course of future trials many more facts will be divulged. The life’s work of an honorable family and company should be considered. However, if that is not compelling enough, those who have taken an interest in this dispute should follow the litigation closely. Some patience may save you some “egg on the face” as well as surprise you.

First let me say I am a fan of Oliva cigars and some of their reps are the best around. The product is exceptional and the prices are fair. However, I find this statement from Oliva inflammatory. We should applaud them for not gouging prices? Did they imply other companies gouge? Not to mention the comment at the end is a slap in the face of the consumer. Let’s face it, people like Sam. The rumour has it that he was difficult to work with, but so far he has taken the high road. We all know the court of public opinion outweighs the legal courts. Afterall, both OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were acquitted of murder. And right now to the consumer, Oliva appears to be guilty of being a bully.