News: Dennis Rodman Launches WB Cigars

Like every year, there seemed to be lots of new releases at this year’s IPCPR. But this year, there’s one special new commer that stood out. Looks like NBA-all star Dennis Rodman is coming out with a new cigar. I’m not sure if he actually had a booth at the IPCPR but he was definitely in his element, being the heart of Las Vegas nightlife.

See the pictures below? He was launching his WB Brand Cigar line and handed out boxes of cigars to partygoers.

Here’s a brief description of the WB Cigars:

Perfect for a quiet night in your study reading English literature by the light of the fire or for making it rain with $100 bills at gentlemen’s clubs in Vegas. And everything in between.

I wonder if the cigar is like Dennis Rodman. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the cigar is aggressively strong and flamboyantly flavorful.