Weekend Smokes August 1-7, 2011

Over the past month or two, the guys over at Stogie Review began posting what they call “The Week In Smoke” which I thought was pretty cool. I reached out to Jerry Cruz and asked him if he would mind if I did something along those lines here at acigarsmoker.com. Jerry who has become a good friend responded, “not at all…I’m sure we stole it from someplace else. LOL” Lets face it, there aren’t to many original ideas out there, and it gets kind of tiresome typing out reviews and links. I know the Sunday Links was popular for a while, but come the weekend between my full time job and this site, I really didn’t want to sit at the keyboard and write something up like I am doing now.

So I searched for an option and since I’m always taking pictures on my cell phone I figured this would be a cool way to introduce some video and music into the site. Music is a passion of mine and I find myself listening to a lot of metal as I did in my youth. However, my interests have become more symphonic and power-metal compared to the thrash of days gone past. Sometimes I will even find myself into other genres of music as well. Each video will run about a minute long and feature some music I like. I hope you enjoy the new feature..

I smoke on average of 20-30 cigars a week and these are some of the highlights. The soundtrack is Planet Hell by Nightwish.