Weekend Smokes Volume 2

Last week the first edition of the Weekend smokes got some positive feedback so we figured we would make it a regular thing. As more and more cigars start appearing from the IPCPR convention our humidor is stocking up with samples and things to review. If there is something you want to see reviewed let me know and we will bump it to the top of the list.

In the music world, Jani Lane the lead singer of Warrant passed away while in a hotel room. After many years of alcoholism he was found with a bottle of liquor and prescription medication. While no cause of death has been listed as of yet you can be sure his alcohol abuse problem played into the mix. Addiction is a disease that has touched many people and it is safe to assume you know someone or a family that has had to deal with it. In memory of Jani Lane the music for this montage is Uncle Toms Cabin by Warrant.