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Quesada Oktoberfest Band

I think one of the things I miss the most is the ability to light up at a bar drinking an ice-cold beer from the tap. Thankfully there are a few places here in Gotham where you can do this although it has become increasingly more difficult.

Earlier this year Matasa in Santiago, Dominican Repuiblic announced they would release a cigar meant specifically to smoke while drinking beer, a Oktoberfest style beer. At first I was skeptical because unless you have a man cave or a friendly neighborhood B&M that allows you to BYOB the chances to properly enjoy such a cigar might be rare. The cigars are available in two sizes, Bavarian (5.5 x 52) and Über (6 x 65). The MSRP of the Quesada Oktoberfest $7.95 and $8.95 respectively.

The cigars are due out later this month.

Cigar: Quesada Oktoberfest
Size: 5.5 x 52 (Bavarian)
Wrapper: Dominican Republic (Cibao)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium/Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Quesada Oktoberfest

Quesada Oktoberfest

Appearance and Construction: The Quesada Oktoberfest features a dark looking wrapper that Matasa calls, “Cibao”. To the naked eye, the cigar looks like a dark oily maduro. There is one medium-sized vein that stands out, but otherwise this is a gorgeous leaf. There is some tooth present, and in the hand the stick has a nice weight and is very firm to the touch. The band features the Quesada Q and the colors of Germany. Overall, one very attractive smoke.

Quesada Oktoberfest Foot

Quesada Oktoberfest Foot

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar of the Quesada Oktoberst fest is smoky to the nose, with some subtle spices. The cold draw serves up some notes of earth, and smoked wood. For the purpose of the review I paired a sample with Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. I will add that I smoked a couple without the beer, and while good the OKT beer really brings the nuances of the cigar out. Once the cigar is lit a subtle bitterness that fades with the first sip of beer. What remains is a nice dark chocolate note and some wood that boarders on oak.  As we enter the second third of the cigar there are some leather notes that join a mix of dark chocolate, and nuts. Each sip of beer really bring the notes out. The last third of the cigar becomes the smoothest and richest part of the smoke. The dark notes of chocolate become slightly sweeter and the notes of nuts extend into the nice finish of the cigar.

Quesada Oktoberfest First 3rd

Quesada Oktoberfest First 3rd

Smoking Characteristics: This slow burning cigar burns like a dream, with a nice medium to dark color ash that holds fairly well. The draw was perfects with a nice toasty aroma to the nose. The cigar burns nice and slow and I drank 2 bottles of beer with my cigar which was the perfect way to end the day.

Quesada Oktoberfest Second 3rd

Quesada Oktoberfest Second 3rd

Conclusion: I figured the name Oktoberfest was just a marketing ploy, but this cigar is no gimmick. As stated in the review one can enjoy it without the beer, but to truly experience the cigar it should be paired with a hearty beer, preferably, an Oktoberfest style one. I wish I could keep the box I have to give away, but to be fair we will divide the box into 4, 5 packs.

Quesada Oktoberfest Last 3rd

Quesada Oktoberfest Last 3rd

Rating: 90
Price: $6.80 each

Contest: Thanks to the fine folks at Matasa cigars I have a box of cigars to give away. Instead of one winner, we will give away 4, 5 packs of cigars. I was going to make it some elaborate contest, but all you have to do is leave a comment below. We will randomly selects 4 winners at 11:59pm on Monday night and announce the winners on Tuesday. Good Luck!


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  • http://www.casasfumando.com Tony Casas

    Great review man. I’d love to see what you think of the other RG’s

  • http://www.cigarporn.com matt maronna

    I dug the review and am interested to try it. I didn’t really dig the tributo as much as many others but am interested to try some other stuff from them.

  • Israel

    been looking forward to trying this smoke. Really impressed with what’s been coming out of their factory this year and last.

  • http://twitter.com/noretreatnosurr Ulysses Acevedo

    Godd review. I was talking about this cigar last night with Tony, Ian, and Keith. I need to find a beer to try mine with.

  • Jason

    gimme those cigars!

  • http://www.goodfellascigars.com/ Nick Hennen

    Man I really want to try one of these. What better way to celebrate Oktoberfest or any event for that matter than a cigar and a brew.I like the idea of a cigar that is crafted to be specially paired with an Oktoberfest style of beer. I have heard of other cigars pairing with Wine such as the Marco V Cigars Vintage Port made to pair with Platinum Grand Reserve V. Gigante Maduro but have yet to try that either.

  • Charlton

    Dominican puros were such a rarity for sometime, it seems that many companies are making them more frequently. I remember when Opus X and a few others were the only dominican puros. Davidoff is using more dominican wrappers;the new PG, the AVO 85th, and some of Davidoff products. Companies like Pride cigars make some of the best dominican puros for the cost. If you have not tried the Pride Corojo lancero, it is affordable and great.

  • http://Cigarclubhouse.org Coop

    I am glad my B&M is BYOB so I can pair this up with some beer!!!

  • Elliott

    Have a Tribute I am aging and looking forward to. Would live to try this as well.

  • Lloyd

    I must avoid beer because it causes me to have gout attacks, but since you say these are still good without the beer pairing, I’d like to try them.

  • Tim


    There’s a great german bar up the street, but alas no smoking inside. However, oktoberfest is coming and I’ll have to find a few of these as they’ll have the entire street shutdown for the event!

  • Swede214

    This sounds like a very interesting cigar,the beer also sounds like a real good idea also. Thanks for the contest.

  • Jack

    A cigar a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Agent 86

    That sounds like a great cigar.

  • Matt

    I am pumped about this one. Oktoberfest is my favorite style of beer. I can’t wait to try this.

  • Chris

    I like Matasa cigars and this seems like it will be worth a try. Thanks!

  • chad

    Excellent review. Thanks for the chance to win some cigars!

  • JJ

    Great review. Looking forward to trying these. Thanks for all you do Barry!

  • MoBarbq

    Looks great. Great name for a cigar, too.

  • serjio

    New cigar smoker love your reviews, very helpful. Love to have a smoke paried with liquor when given the chance.
    Thanks keep the reviews coming.

  • bboz

    Barry- Love the review and I keep up the great work

  • Timothy Vale

    Looks awesome, cigar built for a beer, can’t go wrong! Great review.

  • http://web.mac.com/jameslassen James

    It’s nice to see beer and cigar pairings getting a respectful nod. Not all combos are great, but there’s some roasty imperial stouts that just beg to be accompanied with a cigar. A combo with an O-fest style sounds little more unusual, but intriguing to me.

  • Barret

    I am looking forward to trying these! My plan is to attend a Octoberfest event and have one with an Octoberfest style beer! That’s the plan anyways! Great review!!!

  • Chris McCann

    Thanks for the review and the contest, Barry!

  • http://ACigarSmoker johnnyv

    I’d love to get my hands on some of these. I missed out on the Espana. I don’t want to miss this one

  • Jeff Johnson

    From a long time reader and first time poster, nice review Barry! These stix intrigue me.

  • Seth

    Great pictures and review brother! Band looks very interesting along with the cigar. I enjoy to try one someday!

  • josh

    looks like a beautiful cigar. reminds me of the changing leaves up here in Minnesota. Looking forward to smoking one of these outside this year. If you get the chance, try and get your hands on a Lake Superior Brewery Oktoberfest. It is the best Oktoberfest I have ever had. Thanks for the review.

  • http://vaclav5@att.net Josef

    Smoked the espana and loved, looking forward to these and some beers!

  • Hyland

    Looks great love cigars and love beer.Thanks for the review

  • Colten

    Gotta love the feeling of having a nice cigar in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other, while sitting around a fire on a warm summer night

  • CJ

    Nice review! Just bought a case of Spaten Oktoberfest yesterday-would love to try the Quesada. thanks!

  • Carl

    Thanks for the review. I really like what the “Young Ones” are producing at Matasa. I’m looking forward to these Oktoberfest.

  • Andy K.

    Thanks for the review. In it to win it. I hope.

  • kekoa kai

    Can’t wait to try these. Thanks.

  • Mike C.

    Great review! Got my mouth watering! I wonder if it would go good with a ?thick stout

  • J.A.S.

    Quesada and MATASA had been making great cigars lately; I hope to get the opportunity to try both versions of the Oktoberfest; I am definitively intrigued!

  • dave

    I love fall because of the different Oktoberfest brews that come out. Now there will be a cigar to specifically enjoy with all the tastings and sampling. Almost a perfect world, I see a Herf and Brew party in the near future.

  • ismael diaz

    looks like an interesting cigar cant wait to have one what shops will be carrying them for the Oktoberfest month?

  • http://Acigarsmokersjournal Jonathan Hughes

    Great contest. Count me in and mahalo for the generosity.

  • http://www.cigarpoet.net Manuel

    Beer and a cigar is a great combination!

  • Kaz646

    Love the España and I can’t wait to try these. Quesada has really been on the money so far. Thanks for the review!

  • Al Bruckner

    Barry– Awesome review as always– not everyday you come across a Dominican puro that has the balls to pair well with a fool bodied brewsky!!!

    Best, Al.B

  • Doogie

    Weeeee pick me :)

  • Captainbilly

    As always a great review. Hopefully one day we can meetup for a smoke

  • http://www.meetup.com/Southside-Cigar-Club/ Vic


    Looking forward to trying these oily maduros down here in Tidewater,VA. Matter of fact Barry, come down here and we’ll share them at Emerson’s Cigars in Chesapeake. We discuss your reviews and would be great to meet ya.


  • mike birringer

    As always good review. For pairing with cigar try an HB Octoberfest or Sprecher if you live in the midwest.

  • NoDough

    great review! keep them coming.

  • Jim Weber

    I enjoyed your review and it was great information. Looking forward to trying these sticks. Although I stopped drinking alcholic beverages, over 25 years ago, I do enjoy non-alcoholic Becks and Saint Pauly Girl and I am sure the cigars will go well with them also. Thank you Jim Weber

  • Justin

    Mmmmm beeeer!
    Can’t wait to try these!

  • Mike D.

    Looking forward to smoking these!
    However, I have no luck at all!

  • Joshua

    Been a great admirer of the priemium cigar since I turned 18. Quesada makes some of the best and its refreshing that he has made one specifically for a good full beer.

  • Dougasdf

    monster looking cigar. can’t wait to try.

  • scratch

    That does look like a tasty cigar. I really dig the band.

  • JoshK

    I love marzan style beer (i.e. Oktoberfest) and plan on drinking a lot of it soon.

  • Kevin

    Nice review. Look forward to trying this cigar

  • Frankie

    Nice review and great article on the FDA!

  • Jose

    Sounds awesome, I love Oktoberfest!! Great review!

  • Kyle H

    Not a beer drinker but this sounds like an enjoyable smoke. Nice work on the review.

  • Nick Hennen

    how won?

  • Nick Hennen

    I mean who won.

  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com Barry

    Waiting on one more person to respond to me in email. Will announce it this weekend.

  • Phil

    Just finished an uber. Had mine with a Newcastle Brown Ale. Didn’t get the bitterness to start so much. Spot on with the review. Very smooth and slow burning.

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