An Open Message To Congress – Save America’s Historic Premium Cigar Industry From The FDA

The following is from Corona Cigar Company:

Save thousands of “mom and pop” cigar shops, premium cigar manufacturers and their employees from being regulated out of business by the FDA. Support S.1461 & HR 1639 – The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing & Small Business Jobs Preservation Act.

Omissions & Corrections – Annual Cigarette Unit Sales 500 Billion, Annual Mass Market Large Cigar Unit Sales 5 Billion, Annual Large Premium Cigar Unit Sales 250 Million. Premium cigars represent a tiny fraction of a percent of all tobacco sales.

FDA regulations would also add additional “User Fees” (taxes) to cigars.

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  • http://cigarsmokersjournal johnnyv

    Make sure you click the link above and sign the petition

  • Cigar Coop

    Thanks for posting this Barry. Jeff is truly a patriot for us in the industry.

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