Featured Lounge: Club Perdomo Cigar Lounge in Thailand

Even for long-time Cuban cigar smokers, smoking cigars from outside Cuba can have pretty big impacts. For Hillman Lentz, an entrepreneur who (for a while) only smoked Cuban cigars, smoking a Perdomo cigar (made in Nicaragua) has changed his life.


Hillman says,

“It was much better constructed, better tobacco, longer draw; it was an entirely different experience.”


Then Hillman took it to the next level. Most of us would have probably bought a box or two and continued to enjoy the smokes. That’s not enough for Hillman. He was so impressed with Perdomo Cigars; he obtained the rights to sell them in Asia, the Middle East and Australia.  Then he opened a Perdomo–branded club in Thailand.


The ambiance is special too. Furnished like a North American hunting lodge, the place facilitates cigar and whisky pairings and great conversations. There’s even a special closet for smoking jackets.


Here’s what Hillman has to say about his lounge:

“No phones in here.” “If your phone rings, the rule is that you have to buy everyone a round. If it’s crowded, it can be quite expensive, but since 50 percent of the proceeds go to charity, no one complains.”


“Thailand has the second-fastest growing cigar culture in Asia after India, and Perdomo is seeing a corresponding rise in membership.” “Members get a number of boxes of cigars, discounted drinks and full access to this club. We plan to open 10 more in the near future. Private wine and bourbon tastings and other events are held regularly, but most of all, it’s just a great place to sit back and relax with a good drink and a good cigar.”


All of that sounds incredibly enticing. I have a feeling these cigar lounges will be a super-popular destination.


Membership: Starting at US$5,000 (149,000 baht) plus US$1,000 annual fee. www.ClubPerdomoBangkok.com



Via: Bangkok’s top 4 private member clubs | CNNGo.com