Contest: I Survived Hurricane Irene Sponsored by Graycliff Cigars


Before Hurricane Irene set it’s site on the east coast of the Unites States it brought its wrath to the home of Graycliff Cigars. The Bahamas felts the strength of Irene with excessive winds, a surging tide, and excessive amounts of rain. But like the resiliency of many, it survived. As the Hurricane set it’s sites on New York they reached out to me to wish me luck, and to run a contest.

This contest is different, as you can accumulate entries in the following manner:

  • Leave a comment for 1 entry.
  • Submit a photo of the effects of Hurricane Irene either during of after for 1 entry each. (up to 3 photos).
  • Submit a photo of you smoking a Graycliff for 1 entry.

Email photos to barry [at]

That is a total of 5 possible entry points. This contest is only open to those on the East Coast. (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine).

The deadline to enter is Saturday, September 3rd,  2011 at 11:59pm. The winnings will come direct from Graycliff. At this point I am unsure of there will be 1 or 2 prizes. What I do know is the winner(s) will receive a 3 pack direct from the company.

Update: Contest Closed, Winners Contacted by Email

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  • czerbe

    I did survive the Hurrican here in Reading Pa, Lost a tree, and part of a fense!! Pick me please


  • Barry

    Only one entry so far?! C’mon folks!

  • smoke770

    Irene=cigars!? hope so.

  • JoshK

    Unable to spend my weekend in the backyard with a refreshing beer and a smoke I was forced to stay inside and drink scotch.

  • HabanoHam

    Really glad that Irene wasn’t as bad as she could’ve been.


    Up here in Midcoast Maine we had a lot of fairly intense preparation for Irene’s visit — some neighbors here on the ocean’s coast actually boarded up their windows with plywood — but as it turned out, we experienced some rain, some wind (with gusts of 30-40 mph), but in the end, Irene was a lot kinder to us than many of the notorious “Nor’easter” storms we experience each winter. More inland, floods were a problem, but not so much in my area.

  • Mike

    It was a mess, but I survived

  • Ethan

    Survived in upstate NY. Lot of flooding in the area, but other than losing power for a couple of days and having to throw out most of the food in the fridge, we were OK. Definitely could have been worse.

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