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Rodrigo Boutique Blend Band

Almost 2 weeks ago I was sitting in Cigar Inn one night with a couple of friends when I got approached by a gentleman who knew me, but I was a loss for who he was. Turns out it was George Rodriguez. We got to talking and we shot some video but I had an issue with my phone and it got wiped out. We discussed his company but the major of the information can be found on their website, Rodrigo Cigars.

One of the sets of cigars he gave me was the Boutique Blend which is available in 4 sizes.  The “G4″ – 6.25 x 50; “G5″ – 5.5 x 56 and the “G6″ – 6 x 60. According to the website,

[The] Boutique Blend is our answer the the large ring gauge cigar. Contemporary but never trendy. Unlike other large ring gauge cigars that are often one dimensional power houses, the Boutique Blend offers large ring gauge smokers an amazingly complex profile delivered in a full bodied smoke.

Cigar: Rodrigo Boutique Blend
Size: 6.25 x 50 (G4)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano/Sumatra Hybrid
Binder: Dominican Republic Habano
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

Rodrigo Boutique Blend

Rodrigo Boutique Blend

Appearance and Construction: The cigar features a hybrid wrapper that is a nice shade of brown with an abundance of oils present. There are some medium sized veins present and the wrapper seems a bit thin. Perhaps that is because of all the Broadleaf I have been smoking lately which tense to be more dense. . The band is Red and Yellow which doesn’t work too well, especially with the gold writing on the red. The combination makes it a bit hard on the eyes. In the hand the cigar is obviously well constructed with a nice weight to it.

Rodrigo Boutique Blend Foot

Rodrigo Boutique Blend Foot

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar has a nice spice and some bread notes to the nose, while the cold draw is slightly earthy with a hint of wood.  Once lit the notes quickly develop into pepper, butterscotch and toast. After about an inch the butterscotch sadly disappeared on me but the pepper and toast remained. In the second third of the smoke, the notes because earthy with roasted nuts and wood that bordered on maple. . The final third of the cigar is where things really began to change for me and there was a bit of a wow factor present. The spice picked up some but the complexity really begins to shine as it mixes with the aroma that comes from the tobacco.

Rodrigo Boutique Blend - First 3rd

Rodrigo Boutique Blend - First 3rd

Smoking Characteristics: The Boutique Blend of the Rodirigo lasted me for over 2 hours, and it burned very well. The firm, flaky ash held on for almost half the cigar at a time. The one thing that really amazed me was the cinnamon maple aroma I picked up off the cigar in the last third. My friend even commented that it smelled like something for breakfast.

Rodrigo Boutique Blend - Second 3rd

Rodrigo Boutique Blend - Second 3rd

Conclusion: The Rodrigo Boutique blend started out slow, but developed nicely in the last third and while enjoyable these should become incredible with some age. My suggestion is to buy them and sit on them, because they have 90+ potential written all over them.

Rodrigo Boutique Blend - Final 3rd

Rodrigo Boutique Blend - Final 3rd

Rating: 89
Price: $9.00


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  • marco

    I emailed George after hearing him interviewed where he said just email him on how to get his cigars. I never heard back from him.

  • George Rodriguez

    Marco – please email me again. Sorry I missed your email the first time.
    Barry – thanks for taking the time to smoke Rodrigo and post the review!

  • George Rodriguez, thanks Marco!

  • Andrea

    George, I think the band is very unique and a well thought design. Classy and very beautiful to look at, especially on the boutique blend ….congratulations on a great review amd well liked cigar! Much love XXXOOO

  • Barry


    I must disagree, reading gold lettering on a bright red background creates a dizzying optical illusion.

  • marco

    Thanks George for getting back to me and arranging for me to try out your cigars. I completely understand when email messages get lost in the “internets”. I am looking forward to smoking cigars that everyone has had such positive comments about in their reviews. Haven’t seen a bad review yet….

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