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Humo Jagauar Band

This past winter, the Honduran Cigar Festival known has Humo Jaguar took place and one of the events was a blind tasting. The tasting was open to those who grow tobacco Honduras. Each participant submitted a new and original blend and after 200 judges smoked the entries, the winner was from Nestor Plasencia. Fast forward a few months and Miami Cigar & Company introduced the cigar at the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas.

The cigar a Honduran Puro is available in 3 sizes, Robusto (5 x 52); Corona Gorda (6 x 52) and Gigante (6 x 60). The cigars have begun to ship and should be making an appearance in local humidors real soon if they have not already.

Cigar: Humo Jaguar 2011

Size: 6 x 60 (Gigante)

Wrapper: Honduran Oscuro

Binder: Honduras (Talanga)

Filler: Honduras

Strength: Full

Cigars Smoked For Review: 4

Humo Jagauar

Humo Jagauar

Appearance and Construction: Dark & Oily like a Nubian Princess on the beach. Perhaps that is getting carried away, but the Oscuro wrapper is flawless that is smooth to the touch and glistening with oils. The 6 x 60 gigante is firm to the touch with no soft spots and a nice hefty weight to it. The roll is flawless from foot to cap. The bands is black and silver, with the g in Jaguar orange in color.

Humo Jagauar Foot

Humo Jagauar Foot

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the Humo Jaguar is loaded with spice and a subtle nuance that reminds me of marshmallows. The cold draw reminds a bit of wasabi, but not to the point where it is killer. Once the cigar is lit there are some notes of wood and spice, but occasionally I am treated to what reminds me of the nectar from an apricot or peach as I work further into the first third of the cigar. The nectar never fully takes hold, but I am convinced it is there. In the second third the strength begins to kick it up a notch with notes of wood, nuts and what reminds me of charred steak from the BBQ. The sweetness I experienced in the first third is gone, but the tasty nature of the smoke continues to develop. The final third of the cigar continues to be a tasty smoke with wood, and leather and a slight coffee on the finish.

Humo Jagauar First Third

Humo Jagauar First Third

Smoking Characteristics: As I was getting ready to snap a picture for the second third of the cigar, the ash was nearing the halfway point. It fell off and landed with a thud. First time I ever heard that from an ash. The draw was ideal and the cigar didn’t start to produce a lot of smoke til I lost the ash for the first time but the aroma was really special adding to the notes of the cigar. For a 60 ring i was very impressed with the burn, it had a thin carbon line and was pretty much razor-sharp most of the time.

Humo Jagauar Second Third

Humo Jagauar Second Third

Conclusion: Going into this cigar I didn;t think I would like it as the major of Plasencia cigars I have smoked failed to impress me. Added to that is the fact I am not really a fan of Honduran tobacco. This cigar changed my views tremendously, and the aroma of the cigar is as good as they come. The buzz surrounding this cigar is valid in my opinion and I can’t wait to smoke some more of them.

Rating: 91

Price: $10.50

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  • dmjones1009

    “Dark & Poly”…what the hell does that even mean, Barry? LOL

    I’ve had one or two of these so far and I have to admit…they don’t do much for me. Call it the “Honduran” effect if you want…like you, I’m not a huge fan of Honduran-heavy cigars and so far this one has not changed my mind. I have at least one more around here to smoke and I’ll try to keep an open perspective…

  • Barry

    C’mon man, you’ve beeen coming to my site for how long? Oily. Typo fixed.

  • scratch

    Haha. I would have never guessed “oily” from poly either. Sounds like an interesting cigar. Maybe I’ll give a Plasencia cigar a try.

  • Matthias

    Smoking this cigar right now and I think this review is spot on. This first third definitely has a fruity, almost tangy note to it. The 2/3 description is pretty spot on as well.

    Funny thing is, before I pulled up this review, as I was toasting the foot, I noticed a pretty big similarity between this and the Amilcar Perez Vudu, which you also described as having a sort of marshmellowy note to it. Pretty interesting.

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