Nat Sherman Hosts Litto Gomez to Launch Casa de Tobacco


Last night, Nat Sherman hosted an event for Litto Gomez and the new release for La Flor Dominicana, Casa de Tobacco. There were two parts to the event. Edward was lucky enough to ask Litto some questions at the first part, the sit-down press-release.

Casa de Tobacco, as reported earlier, is a miniature version of a tobacco curing barn. A tobacco curing barn is where moisture leaves the tobacco leaves in a temperature/humidity-controlled environment. This process is important because this is where the leaves start to decompose and start a series of chemical reactions that give tobaccos their flavor.

Litto himself conceived this idea of presenting a curing barn as a humidor. He simply said, “I just love that thing […] it’s like returning cigars to their birthplace.” With passion and enthusiasm as guides for this presentation, it’s no wonder that his cigars, created with the same, are among the industry’s best.

Edward talked briefly about how Litto personally decides on tobacco blends. What struck me was how his passion is both a personal and a professional thing. He informed us that he starts his day with an LFD 2000 series #3 every day – for his personal pleasure. Then he gets started smoking test blends one inch at a time. Litto mentioned that if he were to measure the lengths of the cigars he smokes in a day, it would be like 50(!) inches. With that much tobacco smoked in one day you would think he might get tired, but being the trooper he is, Litto informed that at the end of a long day, he relaxes with a cigar out of his personal humidor – just for the pleasure of it.

In any case, Litto chose a Brazilian maduro wrapper for the Air Bender as the cigar to be featured in the Casa de Tobacco. Amazingly, it was one of the first blends he tried and the Brazilian tobacco worked so well, he simply decided then and there that he had found the blend. It was short and sweet.

After the press conference was over, guests made their way to the Johnson Room for a rum tasting featuring Atlantico rum which was a thick syrupy rum with a nice sweetness that was ideal for sipping although many in attendance opted for a rum & coke. The sweetness of the rum really highlighted the Brazilian Maduro wrapper. The buzz around the room was as positive on the Air Bender Maduro with many stating how much the wrapper really changed the cigar.

Some lite fare was put out for guests to enjoy as they got to mingle with Litto Gomez, The Shermans, Michael Herklots and Mr. Pat Felitti. while enjoying yet another great cigar from La Flor Dominicana. If you haven’t been to Nat Sherman lately, be sure to check it out. In just a couple of months Michael Herklots has really righted the ship and turned this barge into a world class yacht.

Look for our review on the Air Bender Maduro, next week…

Story by Edward Chin & Barry Stein