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Veritas MMXI - Band

At the Delaware Cigar Festival I was surprised to see representation from Veritas Cigar Company. In fact, after talking to them I was even more shocked to learn Michael Dove was no longer a part of the company since the press release touted his family history in tobacco. In talking to the company owners I was able to find out the story of Veritas cigars.

Originally founded as a website called Cars, Bars & Cigars they quickly realized the amount of work necessary to run a site. In 3 months time they didn’t get the advertising dollars they expected and shut down the site. I won’t get into how 3 months isn’t long enough to pay your dues, but after the site shut down they began to figure their next move. That move was the creation of Veritas Cigar Company. They turned to Blue Mountain Cigars to make their product which they pitch as having tobacco aged for at least 4 years. The portfolio is currently 3 different cigars, the MMXI (Maduro), DEA (Connecticut), and the Tri (triple wrapped). The cigars are made by Blue Mountain Cigars and pitch that the tobacco is aged for four years.

Cigar: Veritas MMXI
Size: 6 x 60
Wrapper: Mexican Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

Veritas MMXI

Veritas MMXI

Appearance and Construction: The Veritas MMXI features a dark maduro wrapper from Mexico that has some tooth to it, and is rolled well. The cigars are rolled in Nicaragua but do not feature a triple cap. In the hand the stick is extremely light for a 6 x 60, and there are many soft spots along it. The band is red and silver and lacks quality. In short this feels like a bundle cigar.

Veritas MMXI - Foot

Veritas MMXI - Foot

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar has a nice mocha like sweetness, and the draw is similar but slightly metallic as well. Once the cigar is lit a soapy note is noticeable that reminds me of sucking on a bar of soap bar as a kid for bad language. As the soapy notes fade the first third takes on a sour note. In the second third not much has changed, there is some sourness and soapiness mixed in with some leather. The last third continues with a rather sour after taste and abundance of charcoal.

Veritas MMXI - First 3rd

Veritas MMXI - First 3rd

Smoking Characteristics: The dark color ash held on strong and there was a nice amount of smoke produced from this sixty ring stick. The burn of the cigar was uneven and fast. It required a couple of relights and touch-ups throughout which is too much work for me when I am enjoying a smoke. The aroma of the cigar was a little salty and sweet which wasn’t to bad.

Veritas MMXI - Second 3rd

Veritas MMXI - Second 3rd

Conclusion: I bought these cigars at the Delaware Cigar Festival for $3.00 each for charity. I wanted to like them because Michael Dove is a nice guy, but it looks like jumping ship was the right move as this was the worst cigar I have picked up in 2011 and possibly this decade. As always I invite you to formulate your own opinion and share it below, but I will be staying clear of these. The price of $7.00 just leaves so many other options out there.

Veritas MMXI - Last 3rd

Veritas MMXI - Last 3rd

Rating: 77
Price: $7.00

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  • Charlie

    Yikes, that last third really looks awful. I picked up one of the Veritas Salomons, and I’m wondering if it’ll be as bad as this one.

  • AJ

    looks like dogshit wrapped in newspaper.

  • The director

    That looks terrible, but I know some of the guys at veritas and I know that they had trouble with a shipment of sticks. But I know that they have since fixed the issue. I smoke them once a week at least and I love them

  • Sammy

    I smoked one of these this weekend and asked for my money back. It was as if someone rolled up the newspaper and called it a cigar.

    Doesn’t surprise me as Cars, Bars & Cigars was a train wreck.

  • Cigar Guy

    Sounds like an editorial more than a review. Or Barry was a friend of this Mike. Anyway I’ll try one and reply later

  • PerdomoLover

    Sounds like Barry got his facts wrong, or didn’t do his due diligence. Cars, Bars and Cigars has been around for more than two years. You mention twice that they turned to Blue Mountain, is there a reason for this? You also incorrectly mention that they have 3 cigars. By simply going to their website you learn that this is incorrect. Why mention a former business associate in a review? The review should be of the product regardless of your opinion of the company sir. I bought one today and thoroughly enjoyed it after my dinner. The burn a little uneven but never needed relit. The taste powerful all the way through, with a saltiness that was just right to my liking.

    Barry if you have an axe to grind do so appropriately, your integrity just went down in my book sir.

    -A concerned Cigar Lover and Marine Sgt.

  • barry

    I’m not friends with michael dove. I share backstory in most of my reviews. I do so in terms of full disclosure. That being said I think the pictures speak for themselves. This cigar was just bad. Plain and simple.

  • barry

    The 3 different cigars were told to me by the people running the booth at delaware cigar festival. The people running the booth were the company owners. They told me the cigars are made for them by blue mountain cigars. In fact at little puff I ran into a rep of there’s and he told me that BMC was addressing the burn issues.

    As far as mentioning the former business partner the first and only press release from veritas cigars touted his families tobacco herritage. A press release was never released about his departure.

    Lastly cars, bars and cigars hasn’t existed as a website for quite sometime.

  • http://http Sean

    I think something people are losing point of, he wanted to like the cigar, but couldn’t find any good qualities about it. I got one of these at the delaware festival as well and lit it up on the way home. I would up throwing it out the window about 1/4 into the stick.

    Cigars are different for everyone, and Barry has some of the best reviews on-line. Attacking his credibility seems like a desperate attempt by someone associated with the company.

  • PerdomoLover

    I am simply stating my opinion. And I don’t see the need to mention a company’s past partner. I emphasize product over company in reviews because when it comes down to it that’s what’s being sold, not the company though the company is directly associated with the product.

    If I don’t do my job it reflects on me, not the Corps. The Corps is only mentioned as a propaganda method to make it into something it’s not.

    That being said I am not affiliated with the company, I’m just a fan that got sent some in a care package from my family back home. And I realize that my opinion of the product is just that… An opinion. Barry’s is his, and yours is yours. I just don’t agree with all the background associated with it. Bottom line is, it’s a cigar not a website.

  • Doug

    Worst cigar ever. A friend (which I have to rethink after smoking these) gave me a couple to try. I could get past the first third. Give this man a real cigar for going through the whole thing. Can’t imagine how this would even be given to anyone.

  • Ferdinand

    3 words says it all for these cigars: Blue Mountain Cigars. They’re a cheap bundle maker out of Jamaica.

  • Aaron

    Over the years following this early review, this company has fine tuned their product. They have focused on quality control and are producing a quality product well worth every penny.

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