Editorial: Cigar Shop Ettiquette


I was sitting at Cigar Inn last night watching the end of the Yankees season when I was shocked to see 4 people come in and take up seating in the back to watch the game. Why was I shocked? 3 of the 4 people sat down to smoke cigarettes and the other was not smoking at all. Not one of them made a purchase. Now granted it was not my place to say anything and the place was more crowded then usual so they may of gone unnoticed but it made me stop and think about cigar shop etiquette.

First and foremost if you are visiting a cigar shop and plan to sit in the lounge you should buy at least one cigar. I’ve heard people say, “I don’t like what they sell” and “It’s cheaper to buy online”. Well if that is the case, then do no go to your neighborhood shop and smoke. Find another location. The shop owners aren’t paying rent, and providing amenities for you to come and hang out. A cigar shop is a place of business. Would you go to a bar with your own beer? Would you bring your own steak to a steakhouse?

When you are done smoking your stick, do not put it out by pressing it into the ashtray. This releases all the tar and a pungent aroma into the air. Rest the cigar in the ashtray and let it go out on its own.

Most people come to the lounge to relax. Sometimes they come to get a little bit of light work done, or do a little bit of light reading. When your phone rings and it’s your ex-wife or your job don’t start airing your dirty laundry. I don’t want to hear it. In fact, if your phone rings and it’s going to be more then a brief conversation stand up and excuse yourself.

Lastly, if your lounge has a hostess who provides ice and cups for the BYOB policy of the shop, make sure at the end of the night you tip her. Too many times I’ve seen these girls refill ice over and over, only to be stiffed at the end of the night. A couple of dollars goes a long way to keeping them happy, and making your lounge experience that much better.

Cigar reviews will return on Monday.