Luxury Smokes, Across From the White House

Looks like Washington DC is becoming a huge destination for cigar smokers. Little Puff (one of the most well-attended cigar events of the year) is held there. Also, the DC metro area is home to some very exclusive cigar bars, like CXIII Rex, in Alexandria,Va.


Now that the DC Draper’s shop moved to a location where their patrons can smoke, it seems that cigar smokers will have more options now than ever before.


Recently, even George Brightman (formerly of Cigar Aficionado) moved from New York City to DC to work for the Bethesda location of W. Curtis Draper’s.


There’s more! According to the Washington Post, more exciting developments are on the horizon. For example, Rocky Patel, (who has successfully opened a cigar lounge in Naples Florida called Burn), plans to open another Burn lounge in Washington DC. Also, the Post article mentioned that another exclusive cigar lounge (called Puff restaurant and lounge) is set to open up in the heart of DC.


I left Washington DC over two years ago and at that time, I knew it as a great place to cut and light. One of my favorite things to do on Saturday afternoons was to visit Ozio’s (a cigar-friendly nightclub) to grab a cigar and a seat at the bar as their first customer of the night. Sometimes, the bartender would offer me a complimentary cup of coffee. On other occasions, I’d go over to the dependable Shelly’s Backroom – which expanded their seating area last year.


DC is also home to the annual Cigar themed charity event: Fight Night, Knock Out abuse. There’s a carved-out exception in the law that allows cigar smoking at hotels only for [this] charity events. Those are some of my fondest memories of DC.


Sure seems like Washington DC is only going to get better as a friendly place for cigar-enthusiasts. Now that’s something to look forward to.

Via Washington Post