Contest Time: Guess Who?

I have a lot of posting to do after a crazy week, but as an appreciation to my readers with a little help from a friend we are going to give away a 3 pack of cigars. I will disclose a bit more once we have a winner and a back story to this photograph.

First person to get it right wins, just leave a comment below….

Pete Johnson

I went down to Philadelphia yesterday with a couple of friends to hang with Pete Johnson owner of Tatuaje. Over the years of blogging I’ve been lucky enough to develop what I would call a friendship with him. My friend Danny wore a Wolfman costume down to Holt’s in what turned out to be a pretty good day. I was lucky enough to score some Wolfman sticks and a few other goodies. One of which was a 3 pack of Tatuaje Black given to me specifically for this contest which go to Burton who got this rather easily.

Before Pete entered the cigar world he was busy channeling is in inner Axl Rose. While he might look more like the lead singer from Trixter back in the day, I think cigar smokers everywhere are happy that the music career didn’t pan out. Thanks to Charlie Greenbacker from Stogie Review for finding this gem.

Pete & Danny (The Wolfman)