General Cigar Dominicana Trip 2011 – Closing Thoughts

When you mention General Cigars many people have a difference of opinion. Some smoke them exclusively, and some feel the tobacco is inferior. In the online community General doesn’t get much play and it is obvious that they are looking to change that. In touring the factory you notice  the workers from the janitor to management, all have a great pride about them and the work they do. They all feel they are producing a product that is the best, regardless of what you and I may think.

Each day we were given cigars to smoke, and the most popular among the group was the Macanudo Cru Royale, Partagas Red, Partagas Black and the new La Gloria Cubana Retro Esepciale.

I reflect to when I started smoking and my cigar of choice was Macanudo. While my tastes have changed and the blog constantly has me looking for the next big thing it was nice to revisit some of these cigars that helped mold the smoker before you today. It was nice to revisit some of these cigars  and find a long-lost friend in the Partagas Red. A cigar that was off my radar, that is much as the brands fault as my own.

Kudos to Dan Carr for taking the time to listen to us all, and stay a gentleman about it when some heavy hitting was done on the brand and why it doesn’t resonate with today’s cigar smoker and has a reputation of being the smoke of your father. I believe our opinions were heard, and that is worth something in my book.

I also want to give a special thanks to Victoria McKee who is in charge of Public Relations for General Cigar and applaud her for putting together a great trip with a wonderful itinerary.

I hope you enjoyed the recap, and we will resume with some cigar reviews next week….