Press Release: Quesada Q d’etat

First off I would like to take the time to welcome the newest advertiser to in the Quesada family. We welcome them aboard and apologize that it took us 24 hours to get this press release up.

Before posting the press release, I got to speak with Terrence from Quesada and he added the following..

  • Idea was formed when a cigar shop in Springfield, MO lost its right to smoke cigars within the confines of the store when they failed to get an exemption.
  • The cigar is inspired by Finland defeating Russia with the use of Molotov Cocktails.
  • The size mentioned in this press release will be $7.95. There will be two other sizes.
  • The line is not meant to incite violence, it is meant to inspire.
  • The cigar will be a Dominican Puro.

The Press Release:

The Q d’etat line represents a symbolic revolt against the unfair taxation practices and mistreatment of the premium cigar industry. The brand is intended to create awareness of the dangers increased government regulation and taxation will produce, specifically the FDA’s desire to regulate premium cigars. There will be three sizes, released at different dates, of 1,000 ten-count boxes. Each box will contain a form to register for membership in Cigar Rights of America. The first of the three sizes is a figurado called the “Molotov” and will be released in January. We chose the name because the term was first coined by the Finns in reference to the cocktail bombs they utilized to fight against Communist oppression from the Soviet Union during the Winter War in 1939. When the Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov falsely claimed Soviet planes were dropping bread baskets and not bombs over Finland, the Finns began to refer to the bombs as Molotov Bread Baskets and responded by naming their own improvised incendiary devices Molotov cocktails, joking that they needed a drink to enjoy with the food. We chose Dec 8th, 2011 to issue this press release because it is the 20th anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Shaped like a Molotov cocktail measuring 5 x 38/58/44, this cigar is a great size for the thousands of us who will have to smoke outside in the freezing cold this winter because of draconian smoking bans that prevent us from enjoying a cigar indoors at our favorite bars, restaurants, and, often times, even cigar shops.