Rocky Patel 50th – Cigar Review

When I walked into my local hangout in NYC and saw the new Rocky Patel I had a look of WTF? on my face. With the local taxes these sticks were $30 a piece. Let’s face it when you think Rocky Patel you do not in terms of that price. Upon studying the packaging I had to wonder if he was taking lessons from Gurkha. Some fancy sequins and bright colors I chose to pass on these expensive sticks.

When I was putting together my list of top cigars of the year I felt guilty that I chose to pass on these and didn’t smoke one for consideration. So for the second time in a week I am doing a review based on one cigar.

The Rocky Patel 50th is a limited edition cigar that celebrates the 50th birthday of this cigar icon. Available in 3 sizes; Robusto, Toro and Torpedo wtih each size limited to 2000 boxes.

Cigar: Rocky Patel 50th
Size: Torpedo
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Appearance and Construction:
With the packaging mentioned above I’ll focus on the torpedo itself. There stick has a slight box press to it with a gorgeous oily wrapper that is absolutely flawless. The roll of the cigar is seamless and is easily one of the best looking torpedo smokes I have ever seen. In the hand the cigar almost feels like there is air between the wrapper and filler. I liken it to the feeling of bubble wrap. The Rocky Patel 50th uses a dual band system with the colors of orange, silver, bronze and black.

Flavor & Notes: The cold draw reminds me of lucky charms marshmellows, while the foot of the cigar has a nose reminiscent of a slight spice and floral notes. Once the stick was lit with a soft flame lighter I was impressed with the complexity of the cigar. Some notes of wood, leather, and coffee were instantly identifiable. Through the nose the smoke had a slight spice and some floral hints. Despite the hint of floral it was obvious this was one of the strong cigars in the Rocky portfolio. As I worked my way into the first third the floral notes quickly faded and the focal point was very nutty. As the second third of the smoke was breached the cigar took on a complexity of wood with and underlying sweetness similar to the cold draw of the stick. The final third of the cigar remains woody with notes that reminded me of a peaty scotch. The stick had a nice oak like finish that lingered.

Smoking Characteristics: The burn of the cigar started extremely lopsided and I was worried I would have a canoe on my hands but the cigar corrected it self and was burning perfectly 1.5″ into the stick. The dark brindle like ash was solid and held on well. The draw of cigar was a bit loose and smoked a bit fast. The aroma of the cigar was enjoyable and added to the experience.

Conclusion: The $30 price tag in New York translates to $22 or so in a state with no tobacco tax. So the question is, does the cigar smoke like one with the attached price tag. The answer is no. The cigar however is very good, and if it had a normal price tag I would smoke it regularly. However the flashy presentation appears to have been part of the reason for the hefty cost.

Rating: 90
Price: $22.00