Press Release: Posts Record-Setting Sales in 2011

Albany, NY (PRWEB) December 28, 2011 is pleased to announce a 10% increase in orders from 2010 to 2011, making their 17th year in business their most successful to date. This increase in sales of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and accessories has necessitated a number of changes within the company including significant increases to the production staff and expanding the corporate workspace to include a brand-new office dedicated to the sales and customer service call center.

When completing the year-end sales totals, reported sales of over 20 tons of bulk pipe tobacco, which is sold in increments as small as one ounce. The bulk tobacco represents just a portion of the online tobacconist’s total sales, which also include boxes of the best cigars on the market, pipes and pre-packaged tins of pipe tobacco as well as a variety of accessories. The company estimates using over 160 miles worth of packing tape to safely secure all their packages for shipping, and has increased efficiency to the rate where one package is processed and shipped every 1.36 minutes.

“2011 was a banner year for,” said the company’s owner Scott Bendett. “Being in the tobacco industry is more difficult than ever. Since I started in this business 17 years ago, New York State’s tobacco tax has risen from 37% to 75%. Additional exorbitant federal taxes on both cigars and pipe tobacco have been implemented. The different kinds of tobacco products we are allowed to ship via mail-order has been repeatedly restricted, and the competition from other online tobacconists to offer the lowest online cigar prices is more fierce than ever. With the recession economy keeping people from spending on luxury goods like cigars and pipe tobacco, the industry is in a very difficult place. It gives me a real feeling of pride and satisfaction to overcome all of those hurdles and have had a year as successful as we did in 2011.”

When asked why is succeeding despite so many obstacles, Marketing Director Travis Lord stated, “With the cigar industry in its current state, you can’t make any mistakes. Operating efficiently with a low mark-up is essential, as well as exceeding the customer’s high expectations when it comes to product selection and customer service. Having a well-optimized website that is easy to use is also a key point in attracting new customers and keeping them coming back. Our goal is to use current technology to provide our customers with the experience of shopping with a small tobacconist like they remember from years past, but with added convenience and the ability to visit from anywhere in the world. We truly care about providing the best cigars and the premier overall tobacco experience from start to finish and I think that sets us apart from many companies who just want to push out a box of cigars and call it a day.”

The company began humbly in 1994 with just owner Scott Bendett, 15 boxes of cigars, and kiosk in the local mall. The business quickly expanded to a mall storefront, and then eventually its own building, which is when Bendett took his tobacco to the Internet. Increasing sales forced the company to relocate again in 2006, and continued growth facilitated the most recent move in 2010 to the company’s current home, the state-of-the-art headquarters that also houses the company’s destination tobacco shop and smoking lounge. A true small business success story, Bendett employs over 30 Albany area residents and maintains an active presence in the community, contributing to a wide variety of local charities.

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  • Anon

    Uh, who cares? Since Barry sold this site, its become a total waste. Kevin killed it.

  • Kevin

    That’s is a strange remark. I bought the site 5 days ago over the Christmas holiday and only put up 2 posts. I have not posted any reviews and I put the deal about the site together 2 days before I closed the deal.  …and you sign anonymous? Really? Thanks for viewing though because I get paid for hits to the site!

    Hope to see you back here soon. I walk the walk. Not talk the talk.

    That being said, the reason for the post is that Scott Bendett is a good friend of mine and it is incredible that he is thriving in a tough economic and tax climate

    If you looked at it that way, you would not be one of the people looking around and complaining that you have no good stores near you or a decent place to enjoy a cigar.

    Thanks for your time,
    Kevin Paige

  • HumidorDiscount

    I absoultely agree you! Congrats to Scott, it really is a huge achievement in the current political environment…

    I know what I’m talking about, best regards from (Europe’s No.1 for cigar humidorsand cigar accessories)

  • Charltoncerbone

    Bring on the midget porn and londsdales. I wish you good luck with the site!

  • Djcigarguy

    Right on Kevin.


  • Cigar Coop

    Press releases are an outstanding way to give some great press to the industry as a whole. We get enough sour press from the mainstream media, so let’s do our part to promote the good in the industry. I offer press release postings to my website as a way to not only portray the positives, but giveback to the industry as a whole.

    We need to give Kevin time to get his feet wet and look at his vision and plan for the website. Barry was one of the best in the industry at doing a review, and if he had confidence in Kevin, then it is good enough for me. I welcome him to the world of online cigar websites and look forward to him continuing to build on what Barry started.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Bill! I will be posting reviews soon. I am currently still reading 3 years of Barry’s trials and tribulations from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn! Barry and I have a good relationship and it is important for me to carry on what he has built here. I have gotten nothing but compliments and encouragement from the world’s cigar masters and manufacturers as I have proven myself over the last 12 years to be a cigar lover with intergrity.


  • Phlesq

    …so when are there going to be reviews ????  Barry is gone and good luck to him, but this site seems to be stuck in the mud….

  • Kevin

    I am actually writing a review as I approve your comment. Patience, my friend, it takes a damn long time to read all of Barry’s material. Check back tomorrow for sure. Not sure how far I will get tonight!


  • Paddy Finn

    As both a cigar & pipe smoker. I patronize pipe&cigars often. In fact I just took advantage of thier great deal on Dunhill Honduran cigars lat week. And also thier LFD deal a while back. I find myself buying cigars from them more often. You can’t beat thier selection of pipes & tobacco.
    Congrats Pipes & cigars.
    Patrick Finn

  • Jake

    I’ve never had the pleasure of doing business with P&C (yet), but I do subscribe to their newsletter and just recently received their calendar in the mail. From what little dealings I have had with them, I have been very impressed..I wish nothing but great things for them and congratulations to them on a banner year!

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