Havana Saver

The guys at Havana Saver sent me a sample of this nifty little gadget. It is a little accessory to skewer your cigar so you can enjoy all the way to the nub or use on the golf course. It is a nice little twist on other holders for your cigar.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is a Havana Saver?

The Havana Saver™ is the most innovative accessory to hit this Cigar Industry in the last quarter of the century. It is a multipurpose pin that is designed to save the cigar smokers money, and increase the sublime enjoyment of your favorite cigar by allowing 20% more smoking time. This is accomplished by introducing the Havana Saver™ into your cigar butt when there is about 2 ½” remaining. Insert the Havana Saver into the cigar at an angle that is most comfortable to you. This keeps the cigar heat and smoke away from your hand and fingers. The “sweet spot” of the cigar is, that elusive taste of tobacco complexity that so many cigar aficionados cherish, yet so few get to experience is now at hand. Gone are the archaic attempts to use toothpick, which leaves the taste of burnt wood on you palate.

Measuring 3 ½ inches in length and fitted with several different design handles, the holder is attractive and very comfortable to hold.

The Havana Saver can also be used as a draw enhancer by inserting the pin till you reach the plugged area, and twist it allowing the grooves in the pin to open up the draw. It also is ideal for golfers who are worried about placing their cigar on the ground while playing, preventing you from getting your cigar dirty or wet, an setting your favorite course fire.

Havana Savers come in a beautiful leather holder which prevents you from poking yourself if you place it in your pocket. The front  and back of the case are embroidered, the front with Havana Saver, the back with the product’s web address. The Havana Savers themselves come in 19 different designs, I was sent the one of a cigar, which I loved because of how closely it matches the A Cigar Smoker logo, and the checkered flags.

I enjoyed trying out the Havana Saver, well actually I enjoyed smoking more of the cigar. It serves it purpose well, allowing me to smoke well past the point where I’d normally receive a finger burn. This accessory could quickly pay for itself in the extra portion of cigars you are able smoke alone. As for the draw enhancement I’ll have to try it out next time I run into an issue, but I used it to rest my cigar outside and it worked fine.

Overall: For the suggested retail price of $9.95 the Havana Saver will quickly pay for itself in extra cigar you will be able to enjoy. For the golf and cigar enthusiast it would come in handy as well.

Check out Havana Saver’s site for more info here.