iPad 2 Giveaway update!

A quick update on our iPad 2 Giveaway! As of 2/20/12 we currently have just several hundred eligible posts for our contest, but with 9 days left there is still plenty of time to get in on the action. If you haven’t heard about our iPad contest here are the dirty details.

Starting today, Wednesday February 1st, whenever you read and comment on one of our great posts you will be automatically entered into our contest to win an iPad 2! That’s it! You can gain one entry per comment per day. This contest will run from today till February 29th at midnight, and the winner will be announced March 1st. Just make sure to post with a valid email when commenting so we can contact you if you win. You don’t need to include the email in the body of your comment. And if you’re thinkin it, we won’t share your email. It’s just that simple!

If you have never commented on our reviews, it’s very simple. Just tell us what you think. We have thick skin here. If you like our reviews or if you don’t like our reveiws, let us know. Want us to review a different cigar, different size, or tell you different things about the cigar? Just jot it down. It lets everyone know what we already know. A ton of visitors come here to read about relevant information and cigar reviews!

No SPAM allowed and no prices mentioned. We reserve the right to delete any comments we find inappropriate or offensive but legitimate opinions and disagreements may still be posted.

Also if there is something that you are interested in learning about tell us! We would be happy to put together an article for you! If there is a cigar you want a review about or anything else about cigars you want to know you can email me at peter.g@acigarsmoker.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy posting, and good luck!

Keep them coming, I cant wait to see who wins. Good luck!