Xikar HC Salomon – Cigar Review

For this cigar review I’ve chosen the HC Salomon by Xikar. The HC Salomon hit stores November of 2011 and was limited to 1000 boxes. It was made by Jesus Fuego at factory of Tabacos de Oriente, with a Habano Colorado wrapper from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua and an Esteli Nicaraguan binder. The fillers are from select regions of several countries all known for producing the highest quality tobaccos.

Size: 7 x 58 (Salomon)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, Honduran
Strength: Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Appearance and Construction: The Salomon is heavy in hand, triple capped with a tapered foot. The wrapper is a cocoa color. It is darker near the cap, slightly veined, and appears dry to the eye, but has an oily feel.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper has as sweet, slightly woody, cocoa scent. The cold draw had a sweet nuttiness and a smooth earthy flavor.

Smoking characteristics: Because of the tapered foot the first few draws were very tight and produced little in the way of body or flavor. Once I had burned past the tapered foot the first flavors introduced were a rich oak spice and a sweet nuttiness. Moving into the first third the oak spice is the most notable flavor, but is blended with a sweet nutty flavor, a slight cocoa , and some berry. Between draws I’m left with the wood spice on my tongue mixed with the berry flavors.  Right away I can tell the cigar is full strength, even in this first third I can feel it. The body of the Salomon is full as well, each draw producing a plethora of smooth smoke.

In the second third of this cigar the sweet nutty flavors increase, the wood spice becomes more of a back drop along with the notes of berries, chocolate, and earthiness. Between draws the taste of berries and oak spice still lingers on the palate. The burn and draw are both ideal, and the air around me takes on a deep oak scent. The body of the smoke on each draw also increases and I can feel the strength of the cigar even more, definitely a full strength smoke.

During the last third of the HC Salomon the wood spice remains in the back drop and mostly on the tongue between draws. The chocolate comes across stronger, blending well with the notes of berry, nuts, and earth. The body, flavor, and strength of the Salomon are all full. No corrections have been required for the burn or draw. Smoking the Salomon down to the nub the notes of berries, cocoa, and wood spice become more present.

Overall: I wouldn’t recommend this cigar to a novice smoker, the strength, body, and flavor all sit at full. For a seasoned smoker the HC Salomon would be a fine cigar. The blend of flavors drew me in as the smoke went on, becoming increasingly complex with the notes of berry, and chocolate increasing and the wood spice taking on a secondary role.

Rating: 89

Price: $ 10 MSRP