Camacho Triple Maduro – Cigar Review


Today’s cigar review is the Camacho Triple Maduro. Camacho released the Camacho Triple Maduro in 2007, but the demand was so high that many stores were left with endless back orders. Davidoff later took over Camacho cigars.  Recently Davidoff has released a much greater volume of Triple Maduros so you might find them on shelves near you soon and here is what you can expect.

Size: 6 x 56 (11/18 perfecto)
Wrapper: Hundoras Maduro
Binder: Hundoras Maduro
Filler: Hundoras Maduro
Strength: Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Appearance and Construction: The Camacho Triple Maduro has a beautiful dark chocolate colored wrapper, with small veins, and an appealing oil finish. When you look in the foot of this cigars the fillers look like a mix of milk and dark chocolates which is also aesthetically pleasing. There are two bands on this cigar, one near the cap, and another on the foot, they are both an attractive silver color, and quite noteworthy. The cigar is well packed with tobacco and has no soft spots.

Notes and Flavor: The scent of the wrapper is distinctly that of a bitter sweet chocolate, with a woody undertone. The foot of the cigar also has strong notes of bitter sweet chocolate but is joined with a rich espresso notes. The cold draw produces flavors of espresso, chocolate, and wood.

Smoking Characteristics: The first draw carried a deep woodsy flavor combined with chocolate and coffee beans. During the first third the flavor is made up of bitter sweet chocolate, espresso, and cream. The draw is a little tight during the beginning of this smoke. The body of the smoke is full and smooth, very creamy. Between draws there is a slightly bitter chocolate flavor left on the palate. The blend of flavors over all is very appreciable.

Into the second third the draw becomes even, producing a high volume of smoke. The smoke is rich, cool, and creamy. Between draws smoke still pours out of the foot of the cigar filling the air around me with notes of espresso. The flavor in this third becomes more of a latte, bitter sweet chocolate, joined with a deep woodsy undertone. The bitter sweet chocolate flavor on the palate between draws increases, with a coffee and woody undertone. During this part of the cigar I would place the flavor at slightly less than full. The strength of this cigar is coming in at slightly less than full as well, the draw and burn both even.

In the last third the latte notes shift to coffee beans, blending with the bittersweet chocolate, cocoa, and deep wood flavors. The body of the smoke increases even more so, each draw producing a very high volume of the cool, creamy, rich smoke. The flavor of coffee increases on the palate between draws, causing the chocolate and wood flavors to become less notable. During this final third the strength becomes full, leaving me with a pleasant nicotine buzz.

Overall: The Camacho Triple Maduro is a great full strength, full flavor smoke. Anyone who enjoys notes of coffee or chocolate will find their desires met in this cigar. The flavor was full and well blended, the smoke cool and creamy. The construction was also adequate, the draw required no attention, and only one touch up was needed for the burn towards the end of the smoke. Now that the Camacho Triple Maduro is becoming more widely available I would recommend this to any smoker who enjoys a stronger cigar. Once they try this cigar I’m certain it will find a spot in their humidor.

Rating: 90

Price: $ 13.50