Pedro Martin Royal – Cigar Review

This is a review of the Pedro Martin Royal, part of the new Pedro Martin Platinum series. Pedro Martin Cigars is headed by Maria Martin, daughter of Pedro Martin, the founder of Tropical Tobacco. Every Pedro Martin Cigar is made in the classic Cuban style of cigar production. Pedro established and perfected the growing, selecting, and sorting techniques used throughout the cultivation process (which are the basis for the production of Martin Family Cigars). The other lines in the new Platinum series are the Pedro Martin M, and Pedro Martin Fiera. Check out our review of the Pedro Martin M here.

Size: Toro (6 x 52)
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Medium
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Appearance and Construction: The Pedro Martin Royal has a light brown wrapper, which is almost uniform in color, and slight veins. It is rolled using the booking method and has no soft spots.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Pedro Martin Royal has sweet barnyard scent. The foot of the cigar has a very sweet cedar scent with notes of hay underlying it. On the cold draw there are notes of hay and cedar. The is also a bittersweet, creamy feel on the cold draw.

Smoking Characteristics: The first draw starts with a rich cedar spice, and leaves me with a sweet graham cracker and slightly woody flavor on my palate. During the first third the flavor is very light sweet and smooth. The notes in this third are wood spice and graham cracker. Each draw leaves me with a light white pepper spice on my palate. The draw and burn are both even, and each draw produces a full body of smooth smoke. When I retrohale the burn is very slight, its certainly a mild to medium strength cigar.

During the second third the cedar spice and sweet graham cracker flavors continue, but is joined with a light hay note as well. It is an excellent blend of flavors a very well blended mild to medium cigar. The smoke is very dry, smooth, and sweet and still very full in body. Between draws the cigar still produces a slow billow of smoke filling the air with a rich cedar scent. On the palate in between draws the white pepper has faded and is replaced by the rich graham cracker flavor.

In the last third of the Pedro Martin Royal the spice fades out almost completely. The cedar flavor is still present, but sweeter now, but the predominant notes are that of the graham cracker and an earthy hay flavor which has been introduced in this third. The flavor on the palate remains consistent with the last third, a sweet graham cracker flavor. The smoke is still dry, sweet, and full in volume, but in this third it warms slightly. The burn and draw have required no touch ups at any point.

Conclusion: When Pedro Martin introduced the new platinum series I was intrigued. Their previous lines, PM Corojo, PM Ruby, and PM Gold, are all excellent cigars. The Pedro Martin Royal lives up to the company’s reputation. It is an excellent addition to the field of mild to medium Connecticut wrapper cigars. The flavor was well blended, balanced, and overall enjoyable. The Pedro Martin Royal is certainly a great cigar for new smokers, or those who regularly enjoy mild to medium strength cigars.

Rating: 89

MSRP: $ 7.25