262 Manifesto – Cigar Review

In February I posted a story about the 262 Manifesto launch. Last week I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 262 Manifesto to check it out for myself. 262 Cigars is a new company which is all about smokers rights, the company being named in protest of the Cuban Trade Embargo which started in February of 1962.  The other lines from 262 are the Paradigm and the Ideology. The release was limited to 262 10 count boxes, each containing a copy of the manifesto which you can read for yourself here. You can follow 262 cigars on Facebook, Twitter (@262cigars), YouTube, and join their online community (262 underground) here.

Wrapper: Honduran Criollo ’98
Binder: Honduran Criollo ’98 & Indonesian
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The wrapper of the 262 Manifesto goes from a dark  reddish brown at the foot and became a shade lighter near the cap. The Manifesto has some visible veins and a light oil sheen to it. The one I smoked for the review was very well packed with no soft spots. When I looked into the foot of the cigar the fillers look like a mix of dark and milk chocolate. The Manifesto appears to be a very well made cigar.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Manifesto has notes of hay, leather, and a bit of espresso. The foot of the manifesto on the other hand carries the scent of cocoa, cinnamon, hay, and a little bit of earthiness. On the cold draw I can taste a rich mix of spices, barnyard, and earthy flavors.

Smoking Characteristics: The first draw off the 262 Manifesto presents a mix of complex spices, cedar, white pepper, cinnamon, and coffee. The smoke is very rich, dry, and smooth. From the first draw I have a slight tingle on the tip of my tongue and in the back of my mouth. This tingle settles down right away during the first third has the flavors shift. There are notes of leather, cinnamon, espresso, cocoa, with a mix of rich earth flavors. The smoke is rich, dry, cool, and very sweet. Between draws I’m left with a very sweet taste on my palate close to sugar cane, which is mixed with cocoa, and cinnamon spices. The burn and draw are both excellent during this portion of the smoke.

As I move into the second third of the 262 Manifesto the spices fade towards the background and the sweet sugar cane flavor really starts to present itself joined by notes of cinnamon and cocoa. There are also undertones of vanilla, oak, and coffee. The 262 Manifesto ranks very highly when it comes to flavor, its complexity is rich and extremely enjoyable. The draw is perfect, each puff producing a full volume of rich, cool, sweet, and flavorful smoke. The burn, much like the draw, is excellent the burn line perfectly even with a dark grey ash clinging tightly to the end of the stick. During this third I can easily place the strength at medium, maybe even a bit towards full, as a light nicotine buzz sets in.

Into the final third the flavors start to shift once more. The oak and vanilla flavors strengthen, making the most notable flavors that of sugar cane, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, and leather. There are also subtle flavors of coffee and earth. Each draw leaves me with a sweet sugar cane flavor on the palate that blends with the flavors of cocoa, vanilla, and coffee. The burn and draw both remain impeccable. Each draw still produces a full body of the smooth, cool, rich, dry, sweet smoke.  As I burn the Manifesto down to the nub the cocoa, sugar cane, and vanilla flavors intensify for an excellent finish.

Conclusion: I have one major complaint with my smoking experience of the 262 Manifesto, that its over. The construction of the cigar was excellent, the burn and draw requiring no attention at any time. The flavors were full, rich, and complex a very pleasant experience. With its medium strength, and rich flavors I suggest the 262 Manifesto to anyone who is a cigar enthusiast, and if you can find a box, buy it. This is the type of cigar that you should sit down, and enjoy all on its own.

Rating: 94

MSRP: Only sold in 10 count boxes for $ 125.00 each.