My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal 91st Cervantes – Cigar Review

The My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal 91st Cervantes that I am reviewing was released February 1st, 2012. Rick Gadway loves to commission exclusive blends and sizes for his New Hampshire shops. Federal Cigar is celebrating its 91st anniversary, and like last year’s 90th anniversary, there are some cigars being made solely to commemorate the occasion. Following last year’s release of the Tatuaje Federal Cigar 109 reviewed here by Cigar-coop, Arturo Fuente Federal Queen B and E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2010 No.4 comes the My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal Cigar 91st Cervantes. The release was limited to 250 boxes of 23 cigars (5750 total). There were also 50 boxes with an Ecuador Connecticut Shade Wrapper that have all been sold. They are available on the Federal Cigar website.

We spoke to Rick Gadway, owner of Federal Cigar and Top Shelf cigar. Rick operates four stores in tax-free New Hampshire. The legacy of the 91-year old Federal Cigar Store is amazing. Visit his website at and see that Rick is truly one of the prominent tobacconists in the US. An interesting thing we found out about the limited releases is that the concept behind each release has been Rick’s. Then, with the guidance of the brand master blender, the final blend of the cigar is agreed upon. Rick told us that he is working with Ernesto Carrillo and others for additional one-off releases this year. Stay tuned!

Now back to our review already in progress.

Size: Lonsdale (6 1/2 x 42)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Medium
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal 91st Cervantes comes packaged in cedar with a very colorful band near the foot, which is very attractive. The cedar sleeve has Federal 91st etched in it and slides off with ease, meaning there is no risk to damaging the cigar. The wrapper its self looks fantastic, it is an Ecuador Habano Oscuro, a dark brown with some light veins. The  My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal 91st Cervantes is heavy in hand with no soft spots. It appears to be a very well made cigar.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper has a very clean scent to it, a light hay, with a bit of sweet raisins. The foot also has the crisp clean sweet raisin and hay scent, with notes of earthiness as well. The cold draw produces a rich sweet flavor with a bit of spice.

Smoking Characteristics: The first draw is a mix of oak and pepper with a slightly sweet cocoa flavor. After the first draw I can feel my palate tingling with the sweet oaky flavor remaining. During the first third the flavor consists of a sweet cocoa, a rich oak spice, a bit of pepper, and under tones of hay, and earth. The ash, which is almost snow white, clings tightly to the end of the cigar. The burn and draw are both excellent. The tingling sensation remains on the palate, but is less notable. Between draws a pleasant mix of sweet cocoa and oak lingers on the palate. Each draw produces a full volume of rich, sweet, cool smoke.

Moving into the second third the spice fades into the background. At this point I can clearly taste a rich sweetness. The flavor is well blended mix of sweet cocoa, a light oakiness, hay, earth, and undertones of nuttiness. Each draw still produces a full volume of the rich, flavorful, cool, sweet smoke. A calming nicotine buzz has started to set in, gauging the strength around medium. The burn and draw have still required no attention.

During the final third the flavor profile remains fairly consistent with the last. The sweet cocoa flavor has increased slightly, but the oak, hay, earth, and nut flavors have remained steady. The flavors are very well blended and full, creating a enjoyable complex flavor. Smoking down to the nub the cocoa flavors intensify, the oak undertone remains, but the rest of the flavors seem to subside. An excellent finish. The burn and draw required no adjustments at any point.

Conclusion: The My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal 91st Cervantes, makes an excellent medium strength cigar. It is still early in 2012, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ranks in our top 15 of 2012. The flavors offer a pleasant contrast between sweetness and spice at the start of the smoke, but shift into a rich sweetness. It makes for an enjoyable smoking experience. I believe some boxes are still available here and I would recommend trying this one out, if you are a medium bodied smoker I’m sure it will leave you satisfied.

Rating: 92

MSRP: $8.50 or (Boxes of 23, $184.00)