Meet our iPad Winner!

During the month of February we ran a contest to win an iPad 2. All you had to do to get entered was post, and for each day you posted during the month you were entered into the contest. We did the drawing (video here) and the lucky winner was Carl L. (swede214). Carl has been posting on since December 2010, and has made several posts over the last year and a half. We asked Carl a few questions about himself.

What do you do for a living?

I sold Chevrolet’s, cars and trucks, for 32 years at that same store. The owner was a great man.

How did you find out about

I was looking for info about cigars, and found your site about four years ago.

What are your favorite cigars?

Perdomo 10th. Champagne, E P Carrillo, Arturo Fuente Connecticut.

When did you first get into cigars?

I’ve been smoking for fifty-nine years, started with cigarettes, pipes, and of course cigars. About eighteen years ago I quit smoking all together, but 5 years ago I picked up cigar smoking again.

How often do you visit

Once a day!

What would you like to see from in the future?

Very truthfully, just keep up what you have been doing!

What is your favorite cigar story or experience?

I’m five years old riding a tricycle bike, and see my Grandpa toss his cigar butt in the grass. I pick it up and take a few puffs, a few minutes later I’m telling Grandma that I feel sick. Next thing you know I’m in the bathroom and you know ”what I’m doing”. My first cigar.


Congratulations Carl! Kevin and I would personally like to thank you, and all our readers, for taking part in the contest, and of course visiting the site.